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Some points.
« on: September 07, 2006, 09:26:07 PM »

1. I am pro-eretz Yisrael but of course I despise the government of Israel precisely for the reasons that you outlined and more. However to the world at large we are one people so when i speak to sympathetic goyim I must say that I am pro-Israel.

2. The thing with the US is like this: There is no other country in the world whose population has a genuine concern and love for eretz Yisrael. I am speaking of fundamentalist Christians many of whom call themselves Christian Zionists (yo can find many of those in the Southern US) which brings me to your next question.

3. I am pro-Christian precisely because of hakarat hatov. I defend my fellow christian american friends against the overwhelmingly Jewish liberal establishment which hates their guts. Nothing fans the flames of anti-jewishism more than jewish liberals fighting against displaying Christmas trees on state property etc. This is a Christian country! This is also an added reason why i like them. They have no real reason to be pro-Israel other than the fact that they genuinely believe that God told them to bless and support Israel, because it's in the bible.


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Re: Some points.
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During the 1920s and 30s, America refused asylum to many millions of Jews fleeing persecution in the pogroms and later under the Nazis.

Official government reports labelled Jews 'feeble-minded', 'anarchists' etc; well the upshot was the 1924 Immigration Act which enabled the Nazis to kill their six million.

America only supports Israel today because Israel is in reality run on secular principles and it is an ally in the U.S. plan for world domination.  A genuinely religious Israel would probably lose its support from the U.S. which is, in my humble opinion, exactly what evangelicals would like to see.  Howbeit, the end of the world is either approaching or humanity as a whole is well and truly doomed.

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Re: Some points.
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Thank you very much Habiru for the great post.

We Christians are also very grateful to Jews because they only gave us the Bible.  Without the Jews there is no Bible, no Jesus, no Patriarchs, no Moses, no Samuel, no David and so on. The contributions made by Jews in the field of science, engineering and technology is disproportionately higher when considering the number of Jews living in the world and the amount of persecution they endured for centuries.

We Christians Zionsts still have to fight liberal Church establishments like Presbyterian Church USA and other Jew haters in our own Christian community.  They are cancer tissues in our midst.  These liberal establishments describe us  as cults who blindly support Israel.  Their front line preachers even preach that Zionist Christians are not real Christians!

We also appreciate the efforts by JTF to reach out to Christians and organizations like (Don Feder's Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation)

Don Feder's interview with Christianity Today Magazine:

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