Author Topic: Pakistani Americans spew extreme hatred and venom towards Hindus and Jews  (Read 2229 times)

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Pakistani Americans elated over Mumbai massacre, spew extreme hatred and venom towards Hindus and Jews — must read

Source: The below remarks in an online forum are from a well respected Indian Muslim community leader in the United States

Dear xx sb,
Obviously Daniel Pipes is an extreme Muslim basher who is trying his best to harm Muslims.

Yet, let me tell you that just a few days ago in a gathering of mostly Pakistani Muslims I heard some of the worst denial about the direct involvement of Pakistani Muslim terrorists in the Mumbai massacre. Those people also spewed the worst hatred trowards Jews and Hindus to me. While condemning terrorism per se they also indirectly provided alibi and rationale for the Mumbai massacre. They said point blank to me that Jews and Hindus are the worst enemies of Muslims who have been killing and oppressing them for long time so the killing of Hindus and Jews in Mumbai was just poetic justice. They told me that in India Muslims are constantly oppressed and treated like slaves by Hindus so why am I feeling sad at their killing in Mumbai. They said Jews are massacring Muslims so why am I sad that some Jews were killed in Mumbai.

They told me that America is trying its best to get Pakistani Muslims humiliated at the hands of Hindus, whereas these are the people who have hurt Muslims so much for so long. All of them are very well educated and professional people. I was shocked that they had so much venon against Jews and Hindus, and they were drawing some satisfaction from the killing of Jews and Hindus in Mumbai.

In fact these Pakistani Muslims asked me that among Hindus I should defend Pakistan against the false American/Indian charges of harboring terrorists in their country.

In the American Muslim political scene Pakistanis are dominant. Now you can imagine how their strong bias against Jews and Hindus hurts the efforts of the American-Muslim community in trying to get into mainsatream US political secene.


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Re: Pakistani Americans spew extreme hatred and venom towards Hindus and Jews
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Haters of Jewish and Hindus may end up getting eaten by Pigs, Jackals, Hyenas and the vultures.
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