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Fruit of thy loins:
An arctic fox.

An Alaskan fox.

A fox in action.

Apparently foxes are smelly and vicious creatures (or maybe that's an English prejudice, I don't know?) but they look very cute.

El Shaddai often makes unpleasant things look beautiful so as to test us.  :)

Fruit of thy loins:
Blessed be!

It might be possible to domesticate foxes and keep them as pets.  :)

The people who hunt foxes should be imprisoned!

Fruit of thy loins:
I watched a music video on MTV Base once, by a London girl called Gemma Fox.  She is blonde and she was depicted with a very black man dressed up in typical rapper attire and they had a fall out about their relationship.  I think Gemma Fox has a baby in real life by a black man.

Whenever I hear the word 'Fox' I think about Gemma Fox and all the go-getting, upwardly socially mobile white girls who are going with black men.

Fruit of thy loins:
Modern 'fox-hunting' can therefore be said to allude to the urban pursuit of young blonde women (foxes) by the big black hounds.  The white men are leading on the chase.

Fruit of thy loins:
I'm actually not obsessed and genuinely was thinking of real foxes but I guess no one will reply to my thread unless I talk about blacks-on-blondes.


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