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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
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1. Which European country will have a muslim majority first?

2. Right now who is preventing Turkey from joining the EU?


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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
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What does everyone here think about the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit?  It should be vehemently opposed by all rational Jews in order to prevent the release of terrorists who will undoubtedly resume in murdering Jews once they are released.  There have already been many preventable deaths due to the release of terrorists, including those released in the Tannenbaum deal.  Any exchange inevitably creates the perception that after committing murders terrorists will be able to be released with the kidnapping of a SINGLE Israeli soldier.  This creates more incentives for terrorist attacks as well as kidnapping attempts of soldiers.  This policy is so blatantly self-destructive and suicidal that I do not even know how it is seriously being discussed.  Many victims' families are boycotting the Remembrance Day ceremonies in order to attempt to prevent the release of suicidal maniacs and all self-respecting people should stand by them in order to prevent more deaths.  The life of one Jew is not worth the trade off for hundreds more in the future. 
"The Jews will eventually have to face up to what you're dealing with here.  The arabs will never love you for what good you've brought them.  They don't know how to really love.  But hate!  Oh, G-d, can they hate!  And they have a deep, deep, deep resentment because you have jolted them from their delusions of grandeur and shown them for what they are-a decadent, savage people controlled by a religion that has stripped them of all human ambition . . . except for the few cruel enough and arrogant enough to command them as one commands a mob of sheep.  You are dealing with a mad society and you'd better learn how to control it."

-Excerpt from The Haj by Leon Uris

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
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Dear Chaim, this may sound random but what do you do on Shabbat after you eat your evening meal on Friday night and your afternoon meal on Saturday afternoon, I try to read books or play with my nephew. I ask because sometimes I get bored or feel depressed that I cant work out, listen to music or go online, what do you think would be a good option, kol tuv, Aharon Ben Yitzchak
-p.s. i wish i were an alabama trooper

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #28 on: April 19, 2007, 11:24:21 PM »
Why does JTF support Ann Coulter so enthusiastically?  I personally love her, but she doesn't seem like the kind of person JTF would support.
She is a Republican Party loyalist who is loyal to George Bush and is just as reticent to criticize bad republicans as guys like Limbaugh and Hannity are. 
She supports the war in Iraq while JTF doesn't.
She has expressed support for the Nazi Pat Buchanan and defended him against charges of anti-semitism.
She has written articles defending big oil companies, while JTF is for enery independance.
And even though she seems pretty pro-Israel, in a recent interview with the Jewish Press she states that her American values led her to support a PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazi state in Theory.
JTf hates Michael Savage, but he seems more in line with JTF than Ann.

Lisa adds: Regarding Ann Coulter, I've read four of her books, and I read her colum every week.  I have never seen or read anything about her defending Pat Buchanan against charges of anti-semitism.  Also, she has stated that Israel did not use enough force in Lebanon, as Beirut was still standing. 

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #29 on: April 19, 2007, 11:34:09 PM »
I heard this on the radio and looked up the website:

"U.S. President George W. Bush speaks at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about the importance of Holocaust remembrance and the urgent need for action to end genocide in Darfur."

   I'm wondering why holocaust centers are having Darfur exibits. If they really want to go beyond the holocaust and cover all genocides, which is not the case in Darfur, why don't they cover real genocides like the one against the Serbs? What about the Genocide against white people in Zimbabwe?

Does it bother you that you have to face the dome and the rock to say the sh'ma?


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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #30 on: April 20, 2007, 10:38:18 AM »
Hello Chaim,

  This is a continuation of my discussion about the ancient Gentiles and so called "Magic" I brought up last time.....

.....Needless to say the still primitive by comparison and uneducated masses looked at these phenomenon as Magical when really they are Natural. Including the power of suggestion that many of the so called Wizards/Witches had. And of course unfortunately the Rulers and Elite of each of these societies took advantage of the knowledge they had and the fact that the masses were naive to enslave the people. And they also went as far as using Idols and false gods to represent each element and phenomenon, i.e. as you said, the power of Rivers such as the Nile. This was with the end of scaring and controlling the people which of course is evil. And of course the Torah is a blessing because it opened the peoples minds up to the fact that all these "Magical" phenomenon were actually the Powers of Nature controlled by the One and True G-d, the G-d of Israel, Hashem!! Thank G-d!! This is why the Jewish Sages are a light unto the Gentiles.

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #31 on: April 20, 2007, 01:34:56 PM »
Chaim, what do you think of Yukutiel's response about Meir Weinstein and about yourself? [Yacov Menashe adds: I read that Weinstein distrusts Bnei Elim and that he wants JTF to help him uncover the truth about Bnei Elim.]

"re Meir Weinstein, I remember him back in the JDL in the early 80s. I spoke to the Rav many times about Meir and Toronto JDL. The Rabbi thought that Meir was talented and normal and fit to lead JDL in Canada. In fact, the Rabbi appreciated him enough to have been disappointed that Meir did not take more initiative to do more. He felt that he was capable.

re Chaim, my memory reinforces many of the words and feelings expressed by Yehudah. It is likely that Chaim has changed much over the years. In any event, I am not in any kind of competition with Chaim. I do not profess to be a leader seeking anyone's support. I engage in projects and programs that I think are important for Jews and within the framework of the halacha and the Jewish Idea. I do seek support of members and funds behind these programs and projects. I have no problem with people plugging Chaim or his projects here.
I very much appreciate the Daf Yomi in Yerushlmi in Hebron that he said that he sponsors. I have mentioned that here in teh past. If he gives charity to Noam Federman's family or farm that is also a very nice mitzvah and I will be the last to say a bad word about Chaim for his support of Federman's farm or for sponsoring Rav Elbah's shiur. I was curious what was meant by sponsoring the shiur. Doe sthat mean he pays rav Elbah or pays for the phtography of teh shiur and the internet hosting? Regardless it is a wonderful endeavor that he should be praised and blessed for."
Response to Tony6D2-  Maimonides implies that there was no such thing as ancient magic.  He says the prohibition against sorcery and conjuring in the Bible are tricks and not real.

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"Enough weeping and wailing; and the following of leaders & rabbis who are pygmies of little faith & less understanding."
"I believe very much in a nation beating their swords into plowshears but when my enemy has a sword I don't want a plowshear"
-Rabbi Meir Kahane Zs'l HYD

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #32 on: April 20, 2007, 07:19:25 PM »
Dear Chaim,

I was talking to a guy at work about rendering oil useless and he had agreed. He brought up a good point, though. I really didn't have anything to say to it. He quotes that it takes huge amounts of oil to make factories, cars, reactors, plastics, computers, and whatever else you could think of and that a good chunk of the global use of oil is for processing and manufacturing.

I honestly don't know if this is true or not but have we already entrenched ourselves in our oil dependency? In your opinion, is it already too late? I thought I'd ask because you are very experienced and educated in this area and you might have heard this before.

I'm cutting this close. I wish you a Shabbat full of simcha! Shabbat Shalom!

"In the final analysis, for the believer there are no questions, and for the non-believer there are no answers." -Chofetz Chaim

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #33 on: April 21, 2007, 12:34:15 PM »
Hi Chaim!  ;D

Who are today's best non-Kahanist english-language writers and thinkers? Personally, I vote for Caroline Glick! What do you think of her, and what does she think of you

Many thanks.

Zan' (a fan since channel J)
Classical liberalism is the future!

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #34 on: April 21, 2007, 04:09:03 PM »
Yacov Menashe even read that Weinstein distrusts Bnei Elim and that he wants JTF to help him uncover the truth about Bnei Elim.

Here is what Meir Weinstein said:,1861.msg8021.html#msg8021
I brought my suspicions to Mike before about Ha'ivri.  However, I also said that people should ask questions concerning the B'nei Elim group.  They have always had a connection with Ha'Ivri and Chaim on his JTF aired similar concerns that I about about this group.  Also, if anyone has info on a Michael J. Kahane from florida, please bring it forward.  He claims to be a cousin of Rabbi Kahane, however I spoke to Nachman and other family members and no one seems to know anything about this guy.  This Michael J. Kahane does have a jail record as well.

I am not really concerned about things being said about me.  I can take care of myself.  However, Chaim has made some claims about the B'nei Elim that I think are worth looking into.  I have met Chaim very breifly, years ago when Jolovitz was the chairman.  In my opinion, It is a shame that he has not spoken at any of the Kahane memorials in New York.  He speaks well.  If he has any info on Michael J. Kahane from florida, it may be helpful.  There is a connection with Matt Finberg and HaIvri.  I have questions and concerns about the people that started B'nei Elim. 

What is your opinion on his comments?

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #35 on: April 21, 2007, 05:15:45 PM »
Yacov Menashe's Insert: This is a question by a black woman named Erica who saw you speak about blacks on Take Back America on Youtube. She has explained that Imerica stands for "I'm Erica".

I have responded to a couple of your videos on You Tube and I must admit that I am a little leary about posting on your boards. At first I didn't know what to say to you, but after thinking for a few days, I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to discuss with you, that is if you'll respond.

First, a little history. I grew up on Chicago's South Side in the projects there from the ages of 4 to 15. My mom and dad were teen parents... she was 17 and he was 19 when I was born in 1974. And yes, my mom dropped out of high school to take care of me. Yes, we were on public assistance for a while but when my mom went back to school that ended for us for some years until after she was laid off. Then she'd get on again. But only for a year before she found a better job which she would keep for many years afterward. I attended high school (in the same neighborhood I was brought up in) and graduated in 1992. Before I'd graduated though, I met my high school sweetheart who lived in the projects also. My, now husband of 13 years *a couple of days ago* graduated from both his elementary school AND high school as the Valedictorian, even though before graduating high school he became a teen dad to two beautiful girls (my stepdaughters). He worked to take care of them, even up to the point of him recieveing a full music scholarship for Howard University. He decided to go into the military as a Marine, and has been doing our country proud for 16 years. He's always taken care of his daughters and has never not loved and cared about them. He's a great man and I'm proud that he has enough love in his heart to love me and our 3 daughters together, as well.
In my husband's military career, since we've been married we've been stationed in 2 different countries, Spain and Okinawa, Japan and I actually gave birth to my 10 year old in Germany (because the miltary hospital in Spain didn't have the facilities to take care of me and my baby we were medivacced to Landstahul, Germany.
Through our travels, our children have met and made friends with children of different cultures without questioning why they're different. They just enjoy/enjoyed making friends because they are beautiful girls with beautiful personalities. I thank G-d for that. :) They could've turned out like children in the KKK who are taught to hate black kids/people, and taught that everyone who isn't white is stupid, shiftless, and ignorant. But they weren't.

{{I understand that what I said in the first couple of paragraphs, says a lot about some members of the black community but that's not all we're about. I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever experienced in my life..not even being public housing resident, nor recieving public assistance. It was there when we needed it. From that experience, I learned a lot about life and how I wanted mine to be different. I also learned  a lot about myself and why my threshold for tolerance is so high. :)  My experienced shaped me, they didn't ruin me. And its the same for my my husband, my mom, my sister and brother and my children.

I told you that tid bit about myself because I want to get the formalities out of the way and give you a chance to bash me if you want with that knowledge. }}

With all of that said, here are my questions to you:

*Why is your view of blacks, in general, so negative?

*Why do you mimic the way you feel black people talk?

*Why is it that  you feel black people who are educated are trying to be white, and those who speak ebonics are dumb?

*How can you consider yourself a 'civil rights leader' and then use the term 'monkey' to describe black people?

*Why all of the stereotypes?

*And finally, how many black people do you really know?

I also understand that I was only supposed to ask you 2 questions but I had to ask more. If you don't respond to them, I'm sure someone else will.

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #36 on: April 21, 2007, 05:48:54 PM »
 Here are Coulters comments (in the Jewish Press this week)  on Iraq and a Palestinian State. JTF should find the positions disturbing.    She also supports a Palestinian State if it isn't run by terrorists. What she has said is about the same thing Savage said. 
    Have you changed your opinion on Bush and Iraq since the last time we spoke?
        No. There has been a great deal of improvement; Iraqis say things are moving in the right direction, and we’re killing and capturing a lot of terrorists. But Bush seems to have lost his nerve and will not act boldly enough either in Iraq or to counter the lies of the MSM (mainstream media).
            What’s your view on the creation of a Palestinian state?
        My American values support the creation of a Palestinian state in the abstract, but are against the creation of another Taliban. So there would have to be an assurance that such a state would be gelded militarily. The up side: at least we’d have a specific country to attack.

   I also don't see why some on this forum seem to specifically pick on Michael Savage of all the hosts. I think it is they don't like his views on marriage being important component of a healthy society that can defend itself and speaking out against homosexuality and feminism.

   I also am disturbed that Ann Coulter has never been married. Michael Savage has been married to one woman for 30 years.

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #37 on: April 21, 2007, 06:57:43 PM »
Hi Chaim. Just a comment this week.

Thanks for your response to me about my question on holocaust deniers the other week.  I appreciate your rebuke to me.

I have always avoided studying the holocaust too much because I hated those movies like Schindlers list and I wanted no part in things like the memorial museum because I sensed the forces of kikeness around them.

I think you said in a past broadcast something to the effect:
"The only proper memorial to the holocaust is a strong Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates"

I will do my best to help you do it.

P.S. You might want to mention lunar power. No, not the terrorist muslim nazi flag/symbol, but an alternative source of energy, ocean currents which can be used to roll pins and generate enormous amounts of electricity. I think it may be a hot new investment and I read in Newsweek there is a company in New York using them.

They would be underwater, probably would not cause so much pollution, and could maybe provide a huge new source of energy. What do you think?

If you have ever stood in the water on the beach you know how strong each wave can be both when the wave comes into the beach and when it recedes.

It can spin turbines like windmills, only with many times the forces as wind.

Maybe this will "Turn The Tide" on our energy problems.  I am sure a small amount of federal funding would start this program, and even the eco-greenies would go into an excited frenzy if this shows any promise.
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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #38 on: April 21, 2007, 10:56:10 PM »
Hello Dear Chaim,

Hope all is well.  A couple of quick ones.   Do you think the Angry Korean Maniac (Cho Chop Suey, not to be confused with our beloved Angry Chinese Maniac) who killed 32 people this week was at all influenced by Nazi Islam?  Supposedly he had Ismael X written on his body and made some Muslim references in his deranged video. 

Also, I was wondering if you knew the peak number of Jews in history, before the Nazi Holocaust, all the forced conversions through the years, and of course the dreaded assimilation.  Without these factors, how prosperous was the Jewish religion at it's highest point and where would we be today? 

Finally, if you have time, I was wondering what fruits you normally include in your diet and if you are ever concerned about their sugar content, even though they are natural sugars.  I have been eating quite a bit of fruit, including raisins, and am wondering if I could be overdoing it. 

Until next week G-d willing, all the best.


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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #39 on: April 22, 2007, 03:03:12 AM »
  There was a documentary on the discovery channel about how Penn State Professor Boris Weisfeiler was killed by Nazis in Chile who had mistakened him for an Israeli agent. The documentary stated that there are STILL Nazis hiding out in Chile to this day. Why isn't anyone making a serious effort to get rid of them? It's annoying the heck out of me. Can we do anything?

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Re: Ask JTF For Erev Yom HaZikaron, Sunday, April 22.
« Reply #40 on: April 22, 2007, 05:24:39 AM »
1. Have you heard of Yair Kotler's expose Heil Kahane? In the book, he seems to make a good case against Kahane based on his questioning of many people who have knew Kahane over the years. Why should we believe your account of Meir Kahane's character over Yair Kotler's? True you knew the man better than Kotler but Kotler gathered the perspectives of both friends and opponents of Kahane as opposed to you with your bias in favor of the man.

2. Part of the reason people believe the mainstream media over alternative media sources as yourself is because the mainstream media either cites sources or sends reporters to the scene. JTF does neither. So if you can't send reporters to the scene, could you at least cite sources? It would lend your viewpoints credibility since you happen to be a secondhand source of information. Thanks.