Author Topic: To lose oneself is to become happy. Why?  (Read 1795 times)

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To lose oneself is to become happy. Why?
« on: March 14, 2007, 11:56:12 AM »
What means this great, incomparable sensation - the sensation of 'merging' into one's soul mate, or the merging of food into one's blood stream, or the merging of one's personality into a crowd or group of friends or like-minded people, merging one's uniqueness into a particular sub-culture?

The great truth is that when this world has come to pass - when all souls have fulfilled their purpose in life, even if that means they need to be reincarnated several times into different bodies - all righteous souls will merge into the Holy One, the One and Only.

Each soul is given a body, and given a unique consciousness as an individual.  But individuality is painful.  In many ways we already manifest our dislike of individuality even while we are egoistic fleshly beings here in this world.  The soul that G-d gave us yearns to be joined and become One with the Holy One.

As a person's life passes, they hand away more and more of this individuality until they live life, as it were, vicariously; for other people.

And the truth is that each soul is cut off from the Holy One, and apportioned a place in this illusion of a world, and is brought, through science and doubt and exercise of the will, to feel immense spiritual pain ... even the Torah is allegorical through and through, almost never literal; G-d set this all up so that science would be able to assert itself over G-d's word, so that some souls would be tempted to find nothing but chaos and free choice everywhere ... so that people would no longer believe in Desinty and the Divine Plan.

The full mechanics of our world, our universe and even our own selves are laid bare in textbooks that anyone can get from the library.  It seems as if we can elevate ourselves to the position of a god.

Ever noticed how life is better with other people?

Ever noticed how life is better when we shut our minds to certain horrible facts?

The Creator I believe wants us to abandon the sense of self ... and if we are righteous, one day we will no longer feel individuality or consciousness.  We will experience timeless and endless joy as part of the whole - the One and Only  - we will be, as it were, the lifeblood coursing through the Holy One; our joy will be in eternal self-denial, more correctly in the eternal absence of self; our joy in the Holy One will be absolutely pure.  Each spirit merged into One, One all-creating whole which eternally fills all the eternal universes with Light.  For there are more universes, galaxies, and dimensions than humans could ever know.

Each soul will itself become like a god; and it will have devoted to it a certain planet or number of planets (in the case of extremely righteous and precious souls), from which it will feel the devotion of the resident life forces.  It is no more incompatible to reconcile this truth with the reality of the Oneness than it is to reconcile the Divine Plan with individual free choice.  It simply is.
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