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Shocking effect that Muslims have in the UK

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Is a moderate Moslem like a moderate Nazi???

Super Mentalita:

--- Quote from: Phalange on August 16, 2012, 04:28:47 PM ---Is a moderate Moslem like a moderate Nazi???

--- End quote ---

Some like that. Just as some of  the National Socialists say they are against hate and murder but there ideology tells us diffrent. So there are no moderate muslims because a muslim lives the rules of the Quran. Same like that the nazi's live by the rules of Hitler, the NSDAP and Mein Kampf.

I offer them Social Eugenics !  Enoch Powell was right! >:(

Here is an excellent video with Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on Muslim mobs in Britain and more (aired June 13 on Sun News):


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