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Hail Columbia:
I was inspired by Yacov Menashe ben Rachamim's description of [censored] as "affirmative action people", when he coined that term to describe this forum.  I expanded on that, and this is what I came up with:

Rap - affirmative action music
Rapper - affirmative action performing artist
Rap DJ/producer - affirmative action musician
Afrocentrism - affirmative action history
graffiti - affirmative action art
welfare - affirmative action paycheck
breakdancing - affirmative action dancing
malpractice - affirmative action medical care
unwed mother with 3+ children - affirmative action family
Section 8 - affirmative action housing
storefront - affirmative action church
Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, &c... - affirmative action preachers
Lift Every Voice and Sing - affirmative action national anthem
Kwanzaa, Juneteenth - affirmative action holidays
BET (also MTV and VH1) - affirmative action channels
Kwame Kilpatrick, David Dinkins, &c... - affirmative action mayors
Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, John Conyers, &c... - affirmative action congressmen/women
Barack Hussein Obama - affirmative action senator/presidential candidate
Detroit, Oakland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Newburgh (NY), Newark (NJ), &c...  - affirmative action cities
Kwame Nkrumah, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki - affirmative action leaders
black-on-black crime, AIDS - affirmative action population control
Nation of Islam - affirmative action religion
street gangs - affirmative action social clubs
inner-city public schools - affirmative action babysitting
jail - affirmative action quarantine center

Can anyone add to that?

I don't think you can call graffiti affirmative action. Only Vandalistic graffiti. ;D

I like grafitti as a form of art, but only in exhibitions not coloured tags on my neighbours wall. I like the affirmitive action social clubs thats funny and how about gang fued murders?

I can add a few to the list

Dr. Larry Z. Leslie, U/South Florida. Self-hating white who is a convert to Islam. Bans Jews from classes amd when he was the graduate co-ordinator of the Journalism program at USF, he would routinely tell Jewish students they would never get into the program because they were "privileged and advantaged," as well as being "oppressors" of his Palestinian "brothers." Is a close friend if Sami Al-Arian.

Reid Friedson, Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. As a undergrad at Florida Atlantic U, after being expelled from the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, Friedson became a self-hating Jew, declaring anything he didn't like as "racist" and worked to defund Jewish student organizations.

The only reason I would attend this self hater's class would be, is to observe what my enemy is up to. There is nothing there that I would consider intellectual. These creatures are nothing but a plague that must be eradicated, pure and simple. I for one am considering that the removal of things like him and creatures like him from our country and sent to the congo is the only solution to this problem. There is a much better solution to this kind of problem, but I realize that some of my fellow posters would recoil at such a blunt, but effective method of dealing with this cancer.

Be careful what you say fjack. You never know who is watching. ;D
Seriously, i wouldn't go offending rough shvartzas, they'd stick a knife in you before you could even say SMELLY GANGSTA SHVARTZA!
It also has its tendencies of being fairly racist. Which we should tackle......i know everyone all says that its about their behaviour but that just leads and branches off into other things.


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