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Welcome Back Jack... your wisdom always come in handy! LOL


--- Quote from: fjack on January 02, 2009, 08:15:23 AM ---I can't believe that a 'professor' would consider a drug addict, white hater and sexual pervert an 'historical' authority. The species 'africanus criminalis' use a rather hialrious array of crackpots, crackheads, known as afrocentric scholars. Most notorious of these collected low IQ morons include john henrick clarke, who called himself a doctor even though he never sat in a college classroom as a student, there is also Dr. Ben, a real lulu. He says that he has recieved degrees in Architecture, Anthropology and law. His degrees, as per him, were awarded by the University of Havana. Unfortunately a huge hurricane passed the island of cuba and blew away all proof of these outstanding accomplishments. He said he recieved his law degree from Columbia but the dog ate his degree along with his daily numbers pix. Let us not forget the orginator of kwanzaa, the torturer and murderer Ron Malani Karanga. He recieved his formal education in prison after he was found guitly of torturing two women of his own species. He thought they were snitches. After his release from the clink, it only would seem natural for Berkeley and the self hating white facality made him the head of the 'black studies department". If this professor takes these nut cases, sociopaths and obamanites as his 'teachers and mentors' he should go and live with them and leave civilized society and my fellow brothers and sisters on this great forum alone. Please stop your threaths, they make me laugh to much and it makes me tinkle.

--- End quote ---

No doubt my old schoolmate Friedson is friendly with Dr. Leonard Jeffries as well...

I'm still waiting for "Dr." Friedson's summons to be served unto me  :::D  :::D  :::D

It has been over 10 years.

I am still waiting for "Professor" Friedson's summons and lawsuit to be delivered to me

 :laugh: :::D :laugh: :::D :laugh:


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