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Yochanan Zev:

--- Quote from: Sarah on March 28, 2007, 07:24:15 PM ---Be careful what you say fjack. You never know who is watching. ;D
Seriously, i wouldn't go offending rough shvartzas, they'd stick a knife in you before you could even say SMELLY SHVARTZA!
It also has its tendencies of being fairly racist. Which we should tackle......i know everyone all says that its about their behaviour but that just leads and branches off into other things.

--- End quote ---

Sarah, you don't think what you just wrote is racist?   I'm very dissapointed in you.

Dear kongo, Sarah is 100 percent correct. Your people are prone to violence. I have studied the species africanus criminalis and africaus new yorkus and have come to the conclusion that they are violent bipeds. I am sorry that this offends you, but it is fact of life. Check out the "color of crime" site and you will see what your bipeds do. As for me, I believe that your bipeds should be moved to the congo where you can practice all kinds of crime and mayhem and the white race will be done with you.

I modified my post. When i was referring to the shvartzas i clearly stated, "rough" shvartza. I truly dislike the rough gangster culture that is assumed by most young black kids-and a many white. It has ever so, increased dramatically here in London in the past few weeks and what i said is true. If you look at a drug dealer with a pitbull, you get shot. I know many people who get bullied by these people, they make a lot of peoples life hell. I am intentionally talking about those people. Don't assum i mean blacks in terms of race or generally. I mean the ones that hang around on the street corners, shouting comments of abuse when you walk past.

Dear Hail Columbia, I can add to your great list that you were so kind as to share with us. The greatest affrimative action mayor of all time the one and only marion barry. I believe that he was and still is on the washington DC city consul.

Fruit of thy loins:

--- Quote from: Kananga on March 29, 2007, 10:16:52 AM ---Sarah, you don't think what you just wrote is racist?   I'm very dissapointed in you.

--- End quote ---

Are you looking to have a half-black baby with Sarah?  I know that your kind makes appeals of emotional blackmail to white women to get them on your side.  Do you 'get off' on knowing that white women are starting to hate white men for the simple 'crime' of wanting to have a continued existence?  People like you, twisting white women's minds, make life hell for us.  We have to put up with these highly-strung, [censored]-loving, pro-multicultural whining white [censored] because of people like you.

Why don't you just go and marry a white woman and stop trying to turn every white woman against her race?

Sarah has admitted to me that she is very attracted to black men.  She is another white woman lost to her race.  She will end up marrying a black man and having hideous biracial children.


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