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The latest show, episode #15 – 7 December, can be heard by going to any one of these websites and following the link: 

Time: 23:30/24:40/MB: 10.7 /22.5

This is for the show in stereo sound - quieter:

This is for the show in mono sound - louder:

The next show, No. 16 – will G-d willing be on Sun. 21 Dec./24 Kislev – ‘Erev’ Chanukah, the ‘eve’ of the Jewish Festival of Lights.


Ask Yesha #16, 21 Dec./24 Kislev

Please post your great questions and comments here and I look forward to addressing them on Sunday 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan.

The show will be put up, G-d willing on Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome to ask on any topic, though on Torah I’m not that qualified to answer - for that you could go to Judeanoncapta and listen to his gr8 Torah show.

 Thank you,

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Greetings Yesha. What's your favorite quotation or saying from a politician or political commentator?

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Shalom Yesha,

In the past few Years in there are consistent attempts in Britain to implement an academic boycott on Israel. What can you tell us about it?  Did you encountered anti-Jewish activist when you attended University, Especially did you came across self hating Israelis who participate in treasonous actions?