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Mishna Plate. Wood inlay. Who can read it?

Super Mentalita:
This is even harder then the Cyrillic script...

Alrah Fraser:
If you're going to learn the hebrew alephbet, you may as well learn the numerical values of the letters too.  The most well known gematria values come from the Talmud but they are not the correct values to use with the Torah.  These are the correct values for biblical gematria;

Biblical gematria;
א 1 ב 2 ג 3 ש 3 ד 4 ת 4 ה 5 ו 6 ז 7 ח 8 ט 9 י 10 כ 20
ל 30 מ 40 נ 50 ס 60 ע 70 פ 80 צ 90 ק 100 ר 200

There's a good blog about it at the Times of Israel:
And a gematria calculator that makes it easy:

It shouldn't take anyone longer than a day or two of determined practice to learn the alephbet, and if you learn the gematria of the letters its even easier. 


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