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Why Jews Should Leave New York City

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Speaking of safety in NYC, I imagine the city is going to revert to loose feral packs with DeBlasio's presence. Bleeding hearts like him are always soft on crime and vagrancy.


--- Quote from: muman613 on May 21, 2009, 06:31:26 PM ---. There is also the issue of having guns on Shabbat.

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To the best of my recollection: פיקוח נפש דוחה שבת

Refik Veseli fan:

--- Quote from: MountainMan on May 18, 2009, 12:41:14 AM ---Sorry, this is just an observation I had from reviewing gun laws.  I am not an expert in gun laws, but it seems from my research that firearms are banned in NYC.  I guess you have a string of real left-wing pink commie whackos who think they are above the law or constitution and will run the city their way.   My fear is what happened to Jews at the time of Nazi Germany when they were forced to turn in all their firearms and to be pushed into poor, starving ghettoes.  With Barack Hussein Jihadbama in power,  I think at any time an ultimatum can be set that would incarcerate the great number of Jews trapped in NYC.  I have been reading that attacks on Jews by negros and arabs is increasing at an alarming rate in NYC limits and some synagogues have been attacked.

The probz is that Jews throughout history have congregated in their ethnic neighborhoods and remain real tightly knit.  THis is really wonderful, the essence of community spirit, but also left the vulnerable and made it real easy for anti-semitic predators to do their foul deeds by gathering up a bunch of Jews who were left helpless.

Now, what i fear is that a majority of America's Jews are stuck in one of the most socialist, left-wing and imprisoned states/cities in the country.  Majority of the Jews are unarmed and at the mercy of the two-faced, back-biting political machine.  NYC as I know has very strict rules for owning guns and majority of people just cannot get them.  Especially, they cannot get a gun that will be useful in S.H.T.F. situations, like arabo-negro-commie-nazi zombie attack.   

What I am thinking is that Jews should relocate in city or town where they have more rights and freedom.  This is a dangerous time and Jews should be purchasing as many high-powered firearms as possible and fortifying their dwellings.  Hanging out in liberal mecca of NYC or San Fran is only likely to get the Jewish people killed, like we saw when they congregated in the crowded areas of Germany or their ghettoes in Russia.  Back then Jews did not have a choice, but today you have the choice and the rights, take advantage of it, before its too late!

Just think of how defenseless your families and friends are.  Jews need to setup their synagogues and communities in place where they have all their constitutional rights and G-d given freedoms.

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Islam, Judaism and Christianity are religions of peace. During WW2, many Muslims and Jews teamed up to kick the Nazis butt. Praise be to God. Praise God  that righteous Jews and Muslims have made this world we live in a better place.  Without the efforts of a # of these amazing Muslim people who lived during WW2, more  Jews would have died in the holocaust.


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I don't like your use of the word "Negro" :/ I'm half black and I find that offensive.

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What is wrong with the word negro?
Anybody over 50 including blacks themselves used this term & it was never offensive.
Even Martin Luther King used the word negro.
Ever hear of the United Negro College Fund?


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