Author Topic: Why JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach Can & Must Become Prime Minister Of Israel!!  (Read 2823 times)

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Why JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach Can & Must Become Prime Minister Of Israel If The Jewish People Is To Survive!!

JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach discusses how the Israeli establishment have repeatedly failed to solve the problem of Arab terror...

How establishment Israeli leaders have repeatedly been proven wrong on every issue but Hayamin & JTF have been proven right!!

Chaim explains how establishment Israeli leaders were consistently proven wrong on Arafat & the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists...

But Hayamin & JTF's predictions on the REAL intentions of Arafat & the PLO/Fatah were proven 100% correct time & time again!!

Based on the consistently 100% accurate track record of Hayamin & JTF, Chaim explains why he is qualified to be PM of Israel...

G-d Bless Chaim & G-d Bless all of you wonderful JTF'ers for your support!!

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there are very few leaders like Chaim left in the world who bring hope to us.

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I would vote for Chaim.

< 2-year plan to make aliyah and ex-expatriate. 
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Excellent video Joshua! This would be a dream come true and even I would love to move to Israel to help out!
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Chaim will be great leader :dance:
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chaim will be the next leader!
Kahane was right!

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Great video! We need a real Kahanist leader to lead Israel.

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