Author Topic: "Chaim Ben Pesach smears Albanians, Bosnians and Croats" - Peace Now video  (Read 2452 times)

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It is good to hear some support once in a while

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I dont believe that guy, he was actually trying to make Chaim look bad.
Now, that was a huge miscalculation. ???

Saying thanks to someone for revealing truth, pointing out facts just doesnt work, but still..

Thanks Chaim.  ^-^

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Piss Now must really be getting desperate since the amazing RCH is rating & reposting hundreds of Chaim's Hebrew videos all over the place.

What's the title going to be for the next Zootube video from Yariv Oppenheimer's brain-dead retards?

"Chaim smears Adolf Hitler & the heroic SS!!" ?

 :laugh: :laugh: :::D :::D

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The truth,justice and Serbian way