Author Topic: Why Self-Hating Israeli Jews & Albanian Muslim Nazis are Terrified Of JTF!!  (Read 2352 times)

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JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach Responds To Albanian Muslim Nazis In Serbian Kosovo & Self-Hating Jews In Israel:

JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach sends a message to Arabs & self-hating Jews in Israel & Albanian Muslim Nazis in Serbian Kosovo...

How self-hating Jews from "Peace Now" in Israel, Arab & Albanian Muslim Nazis & Croat Nazis are terrified of JTF's success...

So terrified in fact, that they engage in the most pathetic smears, lies & disinformation against JTF and Chaim on YouTube...

The illegal declaration by Albanian Muslim terrorists that Kosovo-Metohija is now an independent Islamic state endangers Israel's survival.

Suicidal Western nations, including the United States, are demanding that Kosovo become an independent Muslim terrorist state in the middle of Europe. This insane attempt to appease the Muslim terrorist world will lead to catastrophe for America and Western civilization.

Kosovo has always been a historic part of Serbia. The heroic Serb Christians, who are our true friends and allies, must continue to have sovereign control over Kosovo.

Creating an independent Albanian Muslim terrorist state in Kosovo endangers America, Europe, Israel and the whole Western world.

The new dictator of this independent Islamic terrorist state is a drug-dealing Albanian mass murderer responsible for the murder of thousands of Serbian civilians, many of whom were young teenagers who were kidnapped by the KLA Albanian Muslim Nazi terrorists and cut to pieces while still alive so that their internal bodily organs could be extracted and sold on the Western black market.

Kosovo has always been and will always be part of Serbia.

We must help the heroic Serb Christians take back their sacred homeland.

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