Author Topic: Jewish radio host confronts Hamas on rocket attacks  (Read 1758 times)

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Jewish radio host confronts Hamas on rocket attacks
« on: February 01, 2010, 07:06:25 PM »

Aaron Klein, WND's Jerusalem bureau chief, yesterday confronted the spokesman for Hamas about his group's firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Jewish civilian population centers.

In response to a U.N. report accusing both Israel and Hamas of war crimes, the Islamic group claimed last week that Jewish civilians killed by Hamas rockets during Israel's Gaza offensive last year were hit by mistake.

Salah al-Bardaweel, a senior Hamas official, told reporters last Thursday, "The killing of three Israeli civilians as alleged by Israel and as mentioned in the Goldstone report was by mistake and the target was military installations inside the Zionist cities."

"Resistance fighters were warned against hitting civilians," he added.

On yesterday's 2-hour, live show on New York City's WABC radio, Klein debated Hamas' principal spokesman Fawzi Barhoum about al-Bardaweel's claim.

"I am trying to understand here how Hamas indiscriminately fired rockets from Gaza into the nearby Jewish communities, and you were not intending to kill Jewish civilians?" asked Klein.

Barhoum responded by stating Hamas has "rights to resist the occupation." He went on to accuse Israel of war crimes.

Klein, however, persisted: "Once again, I want to ask you how you can fire rockets indiscriminately from Gaza, and they are landing constantly in Jewish communities and how you are not intending to kill civilians."

Bahroum replied, "We are not targeting the civilian population. ... We don't have the technology to focus these rockets toward the civilian people."

Klein asked Barhoum several other questions, including a query into the status of talks to free kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
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