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http://easybakelovin.com/articles/38/piper  :::D

 (I don't advocate drinking whiskey but she is funny.)

I'm snowed in and bored!!!
 I see myself a lot in Piper, I remember years ago I worked in a bonded silver cage. We were let in through a locked door, all of are personal belongings even a pack of cigarettes ( I smoked then) were locked in the office. We were allowed on break only two at a time; we were searched with a hand wand.

Anyway this one day the silver contacts didn't come in, our tools were silver picks ( like the dentists use), block of wax for the picks and bags of scrap rags. I made-up an entire wedding party that day using picks,wax and rags...........see what you can do with an imagination! We found out next couple of weeks higher-up management stole the silver, he was caught trying to fence it. 

Eden Ben Yitzchak:
What's bad about some whisky?  I luv whisky


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