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Re: Ask Raul
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Why and How did you become a Noahide?

And Do you think that there is or can be a Noahide-compatible religion for gentiles, so they won't have to depend on rabbis to determine  halachot?

Reading old topics, I found out that I've left your question unanswered.

1- I was studying to convert to Judaism, but them did not convert. That's why I learned about Noahidism.
2-Some religions are compatible with the Noahide Laws. There are also Noahide Congregations in some countries. But Hallachot, as for now, can only be determined by Rabbies. Noahide Laws pre-date Judaism, but Gentiles forgot nearly all of the Hallachot received by Noah and that Laws are only kept acurately in the Written and Oral Torah preserved by Jews.