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I have found someone for marriage

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I want to tell you all, that I have found a nice Christian girl for marriage. She is a real decent Christian, 4 years younger than me, beautifull and fluent in English. Also she is traditional and knows all the things woman were used to know in the old times.

 :) :) :)

Congratulations Ulli!  How did you meet her?  Is it through your new church?  When did you know that she was "the one" for you? 

Great wonderful news :)

Congratulations Ulli! So happy for you!

No she is not from this great assembly. But I told her lots of things about it and she likes it. She comes from a pious presbyterian family. It was accident. We met through the internet and had lots of conversation mainly about religious issues. First I was unsecure. But she advised me always the right things. We never talked about one immoral thing. So I asked her if she wants to marry me. We exchanged pictures. And now we have to go to our parents. I will tell you all things that will happen soon. I am very nervous.



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