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Why do people bully

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Why do People Bully
There are several reasons why people treat others in an dishonorable way. This article will let you know why do people bully.



Bullying: what is it?
Types of bullying, bullying tactics, how targets are selected, the difference between bullying and harassment
An answer to the question "Why me?"

I've been bullied my entire life....

White Israelite:
Bullies pick on people who are usually defenseless or easy to manipulate/take advantage of because they know the person won't fight back. The same concept could apply to Jews that we were a small group that was easy to bully into submission and in many ways still are today because Israel is willing to give up land to Arabs so the world pushes even more because they know we will budge and try to make us feel guilty.

I was bullied up until my sophmore year in high school when I decided to fight back, ended up getting suspended but it was worth it. Now I work out and lift weights and people don't mess around because I stand up for myself.

I'm learning. I finally get mad and speak up.


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