Author Topic: Could you please site where it says that "WOMEN ARE SUPPOSE TO CIVILIZE MEN"  (Read 2723 times)

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That sounds so nice and kind but does it say it anywhere in the torah. In proverbs it says in 31:10 - the end nothing of the short in Eshet Chayil. Solomon does say a g-d fearing women is valuable which of course she is. It doesn't say because you are a women you are automatically good.

A women's job is to bare children and raise both their boys and girls. Women are suppose to teach their daughters morals too. If women civilize men that would mean a 3 year old girl should teach a 10 year old boy. This is turning Judaism into a YA YA club by women in my opinion which is what Orthodox Judaism has become in many circles. Mothers think their daughter is their buddy buddy and don't teach them anything. 

Furthermore, Chaim has never been married and Rabbi Boteach even though he is married has no morals. So I guess it is his wifes fault according to Chaim Ben Pesach because she didn't civilize him. Rabbi Botaeach is married yet is a creep. Who's fault is that? If you are consistant in your beliefs that is what you have to say. That it is the women's fault. Chaim and Rabbi Boteach aren't G-d there is no Torah source for what is being said here. In fact in every case where a man blamed his wife for something the torah didn't accept that. If your wife tells you to do something that isn't right you shouldn't do it until you find out what her motivation is. Only a man that is irresponsible would just blindly obey whatever a women says. The torah does not sanction this blindly obeying women anywhere. It fact it chastizes Jews who are ruled by women in Issiah.

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It's derived from the first Chapter in Genesis where it says "It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a helpmate for him" and where it says "and they should be one flesh". 

G-d himself said that it is not good for a man to be without a wife.  A man and a women are incomplete without marriage when they become "one flesh".
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JDL4EVER that really doesn't answer the question. The torah also says in Genesis that I will make a helpmate for him. That doesn't suggest that MEN SHOULD JUST RELY ON WOMEN TO TURN THEM INTO MORAL PEOPLE.

Furthermore, again G-d punished Adam for listening to Eve when she told him to eat from the tree of knowledge. According to JTF Adam should have been rewarded for this because after all women civilize men and men should always listen to their wives. ANd again if it is a womens responsibilty to civilize men then women should be punished if men don't act properly. We should blame Rabbi Boteach wife him being the horrible person he is.

Also this is a very vague comment WOMEN CIVILZE MEN. What exactly does that mean?
The Germans were VERY CIVILIZED. It think this is just too vague to be used to just show favoritism towards women which again to give special points for just being born a women not for her behavior and skills is affirmative action.

I do think that women help men is some area's. But I also think men help women also. It isn't a one way street. Married women tend to be better off psycological then unmarried women. The same is true for men.