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This is a great book for women to understand the Christian men.....well, men in general if you took the religous part out of it....or Jewish men if you just talk about G-d....anyway....great book, good reading, great insight, written by a man.

Here is the editorial reviews of the book.

The companion book to this is "Captivating" about understanding a woman's soul....very good....very good, I have both of these books. I highly recommend them.

Amazon.com Review
If Christian men are going to change from a pitiful, wimpy bunch of "really nice guys" to men who are made in the image of G-d, they must reexamine their preconceptions about who G-d is and recover their true "wild" hearts, writes bestselling author John Eldredge in Wild at Heart: Discovering a Life of Passion, Freedom, and Adventure. Eldredge throws down the gauntlet--men are bored; they fear risk, they refuse to pay attention to their deepest desires. He challenges Christian men to return to authentic masculinity without resorting to a "macho man" mentality. Men often seek validation in venues such as work, or in the conquest of women, Eldredge observes. He urges men to take time out and come to grips with the "secret longings" of their hearts. Although the book succeeds best in its slant toward a male audience, it also strives to help women understand the implications of authentic masculinity in their relationships with men. Eldredge frames the book around his outdoor experiences and appealing anecdotes about his family, sprinkling the text with touches of humor and overlying everything with heartfelt passion. Even as he mixes eclectic ideas about masculinity from popular movies such as Braveheart with classic words from Oswald Chambers, and lyrics from the Dixie Chicks with stories from the Bible, he points to only one answer for men searching for their true wildness of heart. Writes Eldredge, "The only way to live in this adventure ... with all its danger and unpredictability and immensely high stakes ... is in an ongoing, intimate relationship with G-d." --Cindy Crosby

Product Description
G-d designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires--aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a nice guy. It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death. In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what G-d designed them to be--dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.


Do you allow some observing ?
Maybe a book, with capacity to describe with polite way, the wining "ego" instead the simple explanation of Holly Bible.
I don't know, but I wonder about this : And G-d created man in his own image, in the image of G-d created he him; male and female created he them.   
Why not, the description concerns the ......his own image...... as ...... his own way of mind...... that means as ...... exactly the way he plan ......   

Why so much ...... I am the same ...... like Mohammad done for the rest ?

And the conclusion is, that is about a good book, good to describe with polite easy way, the Cristian need for feel closer to the first creation (kids, or such kids accent-timbe-pith shift = women).
The polite way is always better than cynic.  I am also eclectic as book does (concerns the philosophy crew) but with accepting the way cynics are short-workers.

Cristian man, has to self-give the truth of need for playing as... an ego understatement.
And this book is maybe a part of this balance, or a painless "no balance".

Maybe I am wrong.  I don't know. 



Yes, your thoughts and observations are fine.

I know what you are saying, that adding to the bible here is not a good thing?

The reason I like this book is that the man who wrote this book is trying to make the point that men should be allowed to be the men they were called to be. So, he goes into great detail in the book about men and what their higher calling is.

Alot of "church's" expect men to sit on the pews and be wussies, basically.

Thankyou for your comments, though. I hate being ignored.


Everything Is fine.  Christianity way of expression also.
If someone was asking me, I could suggest Tanach more than new.

To be strong for family and for our own woman, as Moses done everything that he could do.   
To write a music for our own woman, if we accept King Davids competent.
To still have the need of our own woman at older age like Abraham.     
To still accept the 2 parents love, like Isaak almost accepted to be a "goner".
To have our own ideas, our own initiative as Lot and not taking a "whole town - one period only- duplicate" as Lot's wife.
To be partnership as Zaharias and Elizabet.

Of course there is an ..... made in the image ...... and of course there are explanations -depends the mind- of "what is the image".
In case the ...... made in the image ......  denotes that was as the plan, then we can look for the closer man, woman, situation, as above.
Well, the plan case, is so close to the instinct or to the earth treasure hunting. 
The only interatomic I should measure, is to avoid Adam-Eve and Christ equation.
Too much close to the unspeakable level, to much away for the simple mind.   
Let me moot it, as an analogical matter. 
If I remember well, Lyall Watson has said ...... don't search for Alliens, it is better to search them (them = as in your guess) to the plants around you ......
So if you see a plant documentary with the right speed of frames (the right closer persons) you have no need to searching for anything so much unspeakable.

In any case that Jews -or most of them- have this charisma, this contact, this translation, this .... it is fine and more than fine.
In any x case I am away from translating the Bible one way, I mean more than one holly way, hope it is not blasphemous, only dutifulness,
as the above matter of the book, is giving me, the inspiration.

Thank you for this deductive life.




You changed your name.



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