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Introducing Myself
« on: May 20, 2007, 03:46:31 PM »
Introducing Myself

I am a Jewish orthodox male who has been following JTF for years. While a student in college I saw one of JTF’s Koran quotes fliers on a friend’s dorm room door and the rest was history.

I learned for and received my Rabbincal Ordination from a prestigious Chabad Rabbi from Israel in 2003. I have learned in both Chabad and non-Chabad yeshivot for several years.

This does NOT mean that I am a Torah expert by any stretch for a few reasons:

1. Just because you learned in yeshiva for many years, does not mean you were a good student.

2. In the Chabad Yeshiva system most EVERYONE get’s Rabbinical Ordination no matter what kind of student they were and they often get it on the fast-track.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe instructed that all the young men learn the laws necessary for Rabbinical Ordination before they are married so they should know the basics of Jewish Law. He instructed people do this recognizing that for many purposes the husband, whether he likes it or not, must decide many important halachic (Jewish legal) matters in the Jewish home.

3. The core learning necessary for Rabbinical ordination primarily focuses on the laws of Kosher and Shabbat which are just a tiny fraction of what Torah knowledge covers.

When it comes to Talmudic knowledge, I probably have about as much as many of you guys (and probably less than some) out there do so please don’t rely on me too much for that.

I know the basics of Jewish law and the essentials of Judaism. If I have any area of expertise at all I would say it is in the field of hasidic philosophy. This is a school of thought that I have come to learn to love throughout my years in yeshiva. I feel it brings new light and life to every aspect of the Torah and in no way contradicts any part of it. I believe that this study brings not only new appreciation to the Torah, but to life in general.

When I post articles, they will probably all be from hasidic sources because this is what I know and love. Those who are not interested in that, can ignore them, or post their own divrei (words of) Torah.

By the way, I see that Torah Zionist and others have been posting divrei Torah from Rabbi Kahane and others. PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO. Many people here I’m sure came to learn Kahanist Torah and I’m afraid I cannot help you when it comes to that. I need you’re continued contributions.

In any case I’m here to help people on their respective paths in any way I can and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you guys too.
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