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Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting latest press release.


I am puting this here because again if women or men go on this site I think they should know the truth about intimate partner abuse better know as Domestic Violence.It is something more complex then man = evil women = good.  I date women that are so focused of every move you make that they think the slightest think means that you must have problems. This is certainlly true of women that have no brothers and are especially prone to being out of touch with what men are really like.  It is OK in moderation to see how I act to various situations and pressures. There are good men bad men and middle of the road men. What can I say. Anyway if some feel this should be elsewhere you can move it. I just feel this is the best place for it. Here is the latest press release. www.mediaradar.org
on how police are being educated in this area which leads to women being misinformed about men.

Education for Injustice
It's widely known that the domestic violence policies and procedures of organizations across the country are outdated. If only that were the reason why so many men experience bias and violation of due process when accused. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. False "facts" from debunked studies, lies created by over-enthusiastic writers, and skewed statistics from unsound research are common in today's domestic violence trainings.

Demonstrating that current domestic violence trainings are deplorable, RADAR's new Special Report Education for Injustice documents that:

Judicial education programs nearly always refer to the perpetrator as "he," while victims are designated as "she."

A police officer describes the domestic violence training classes he attended as "so dripping with male hatred that everyone in the class felt uncomfortable, male and female officers alike."

The director of a domestic violence hotline admits that trainers instructed their staff to profile callers based on gender, treating all male callers as perpetrators, regardless of the actual circumstances.

This report is a must-read, no-holds-barred critique of our nation's domestic violence trainings. Not one educational program mentioned in the report reflects well-established research findings on intimate partner aggression – that women are at least as likely as men to engage in abusive behavior.

The report can be seen at: http://www.mediaradar.org/docs/Education-For-Injustice.pdf

all ican say is for you to look at hat i wrote about the falsehood and the bill of goods women bought into from betty freidan and gloria steinum in the 1960's.
you need to look at what i wrote so you can understand how this developed under why are  jewish women so liberal? under dating topic....

Thanks jo-bella. Betty Friedan was a communist and was a propogandist for Joseph Stalin. She was not this housewife she claimed to be. Her husband said she worked outside the home her whole marriage. Why then did she say that the suburban housewife was like being in a concerntration camp. Because she hated America and communism viewed the family unit of a man and woman as evil and wanted to destroy it as the family was a threat to their power of course. Marriage makes women more independent not less. It is in a husbands best interest to treat his wife well since their children are better served and the wife will be a better wife is she is overall happy.  Other men of course view a women married to another man as competition. I wish JTF would spend some time on Betty Friedan just like they do Martin Luther King. She also was a commy. She used to also abuse her husband and throw stuff at him and I don't think they were paper clips although her husband was a leftist too and would throw things back at her. She had 7 grandchilren her followers had 0 children sad to say. BUt many Jewish (including Orthodox) women think at best that Betty Friedan was misguided but not a bad women. THey don't realize what a terrible women she really was. She supported Stalin who murdered her own people. You wonder why Jewish women are so messed up and they support a women who supported a man who murdered her own people. But nothing is said about it including THE RIGHT WING. Aish Hatorah (which isn't right wing) has more affection for Betty Friedan then Orthodox Jewish men. A book came  about Betty Friedan's true past as a propogandist for Joseph Stalin and her activities as Betty Goldstein. David Horowitz talked about. I think you can do a google search and find the books now about the real BETTY FRIEDAN.

thanks adam, i suspected as much about her although at the time when she wrote the book the femine mystique, she had ardant followers. my mother was one of them who could not see the forrest for the trees and told me this was the way i needed to go. i had no idea that this was wrong b/c other woman my age were following her also. she alone messed up many womans heads needless to say. it cost me failed marriages, yes more than one, and mistrust of men and it caused me to be alienated from other women who were not following her. she was and is a very divisive person and dangerous to the family unit. this then was the situation of the women of hte 60-70's. it was a nightmare. she proposed a way of life for women that meant promscitiy and self loathing. this book told me to become something other than what i wanted to be truly. in this way it did indeed brainwash me.


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