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Re: Ask JTF for Sunday. September 12, 2010
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hey chaim

1) If you were in a quiz show, and you had to choose a specialist subject to win 1 million dollas. What subject would you choose. Bare in mind it can be literally on anything. What subject would you choose to most likely get you the chance to win that 1 million dollas?

2)From the experiences you have drawn from yourlife and people close to you, how do you know when a girl is leading you on?

3) You have a close friend or family member who will not eat a healthy diet. BUt god has commanded them to incorporate only 3 foods/liquids selected by chaim. What 3 foods/liquids would you recommend them to have?

4) Im sure you have been asked many questons this week on the koran burning. But arguements aside, doesnt this show how crazy the world is??Muslims have been killing, raping, torturing jew and christians for centuries, and are doing so as we speak. Yet one pastor threatens to burn their hate filled nazi book and the leftist media show so much uproar its national news all over the world??


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Re: Ask JTF for Sunday. September 12, 2010
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Shalom Chaim

We have had some discussion on the boards about Sarah Palin and her shortcomings by JTF standard.  How much should we expect or hope a candidate to agree with us to earn our support.  Many complain about her support of a two state solution.  Is it realistic to expect her to oppose it when every Israeli PM has supported it since Shamir left office.  I know you criticize her for supporting Rand Paul.  Is it realistic to think she or anyone, will agree down the line on every issue.  Isn't it more logical to look at her refusal to support the building freeze as more relevant and immediate than her saying yes to a two state solution if she is not going to push it down our throats?
We all need to pray for Barack Obama, may the Lord provide him a safe move back to Chicago in January 2,013.