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Kosovo Builds Statue To 'Saviour' Clinton (Good Grief!)



PODUJEVO, Serbia (Reuters) - Kosovo Albanians plan to honor their "savior" Bill Clinton by erecting a statue of the former United States president in the capital of Serbia's breakaway province. The three-meter (10-foot) tall monument is still under construction in a studio in Podujevo north of Pristina. "He is our savior. He saved us from extermination," sculptor Izeir Mustafa told Reuters. "I was thrilled by the work because I know what he did for us." Kosovo has been under U.N. administration since 1999 after 78 days of NATO bombing ousted Serb troops who had killed some 10,000 ethnic Albanians in...


Hello JTFers,
 I happen to have family from Serbia and frankly I'm shocked to hear such maddens...
The sickness of the Clinton's is beyond words, both HE and that snake Bill are a bunch of traitors and self serving
scum. They should be on trial for high treason and most definitely not be honored.


Why did klinton and the UN defend the muslims in the Yugoslav/Bosnia war?

The muslims were invaders of Yugoslavia and should have been kicked-out rather than protected.

Even the history books, and wikipedia, fail to touch on the muslim factor and use terms like "ethnic cleansing" to defend the actions of klinton/un.

The muslims are a plague on this planet and unless things change, they will take over.


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