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Why did Mackab take down his comment on what is going on Passaic. NJ

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Hey Mackab! Why did you take down on your comment on the Passaic, NJ poster. I agreed with what it said. Did the feminazi's get to you Mackab. Is this going to offend Lisa who seems to be offended at the drop of hat except when her sisters call her a right wing nut job. Her own sisters calling her names doesn't bother her. Just us horrible men.  Are you afriad of the henpeckers on this forum. WHY DO YOU TAKE IT DOWN?

This is what Lisa said on her blog

But most of all, I just can’t understand someone who would stop talking to her own mother over politics. Now my sisters all think I’m a rightwing nut job. But so what! They love me and I love them

Actually, a little bit.

I saw this Jewish girl who worked at a restaurant the other week. She was pretty, but she had a small noesring which made me suspect her of being a feminist.

I started to have thoughts like maybe I would ask her out because she seemed pretty attractive.

I went back recently and she had cut her hair short and died it black and looked like a little feminist.


Also it is how I feel but I had second thoughts whether it was appropriate for this forum. It is how I interact with the world, but I probably would not want to influence some of the more religious people on this forum.

I mean, why should I be talking about seduction when some of the guys on here want to remain virgins until they are married? It is them that I care about, and not about offending feminist women.

I am not from a religious community.

Also, I am not from New Jersey.

What I wrote is the advice I would give and what I have found to be true, but I try not to give unsolicited advice.

I guess what I have found is that I have had some bad relationships with women and some wonderful ones.

Most of the success or failure was directly related to my inner state.

I have found that women respond positively to boundaries and when I don't accept their bad behavior.

I have also found that when I accept their bad behavior, it rapidly escalates and gets worse and worse until finally they walk all over you and leave.

So, in my experience, being firm with women, even to the point of being angry (but not in a violent way) is a very good thing. And also having enough self respect to draw a line and leave them if they don't immediately modify their behavior.

I'm not particularly afraid of Lisa's opinion, no.

I like her and she sounds like she is probably reasonably attractive, but I can't imagine myself dating a really hardcore right-wing woman so I'm not really worried about their opinions.

The issue of women is probably my biggest issue with religion.

Now I'm curious.  What did you say in your post?  I'm sure it was fine.

well I do hate facial piercings. However you'd be suprised at how many of these girls out here have that stuff. This girl only had a very small nose ring so I thought I would make an exception...she didn't look trashy.

Just curious: does anyone know where this nose ring crap came from? Did Jewish women ever wear this stuff before the 20th century? When did decent looking girls start to think this was cool?

and to answer Lisa's question:

It was basically a rant about the feminist movement.

Part of the reason I deleted the post was because I used some hyperbole talking about some of these women being like terrorists...Maybe was an exxageration, but it seems like the feminists produced a lot of abnormally hateful women that had some strange, unfounded vendetta against all men.

I didn't want to sound bitter because bitter is not an attractive trait, but I have been through women like this before.

The truth I found is that if you change the way you think and what you'll accept, it doesn't matter so much about how women act because you can just get mad and demand they stop being manipulative and bratty, or leave em if they don't modify their behavior.

However, if guys are timid, and feel like they'll never be able to find another woman, that is a huge problem and leads decent men to put up with crap they shouldn't...it plays right into the hands of those ugly, man-hating, left-wing feminists to have timid men who think women are so pure etc...

(when in fact I think most women are just as raunchy as guys or even more so)

Women only have as much power as you give them and it is your choice whether you tolerate it or not. In fact it is often just a test that women do and I think they are desperately hoping you won't cave in to their demands.

A lot of it comes back to the old question of nice guys vs bad boys.

I guess my point was being a nice guy is stupid and won't get you anywhere, but I'm not intentionally mean or physically abusive with women either...

Anyways, I'm not at this forum to talk about women or find a date...But I definitely had to agree strongly with Adam on some of these issues.

I don't know about 'religious' girls, because they aren't my area of expertise, maybe there really are different and pure and wonderful and righteous types of girls (let's just say I have my doubts) so I don't want to pretend to know about all women...and I want to be respectful to the more religious people here who think there are (even if I think it may be naive and delusional thinking)

I don't know everything on this topic...I like to learn more about women because I think it is extremely important to a man's happiness and fulfillment.


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