Author Topic: Bloomberg Calls For Federal Action On Gun Laws Following Arizona Investigation  (Read 2851 times)

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called on Congress to tighten Federal laws that allow individuals to purchase firearms without a background check. His statements followed a recent probe in which city investigators, who posed as consumers, were able to purchase firearms at a gun show in Phoenix.

According to media reports, undercover video footage reveals that one of the investigators was able to buy a gun after telling a private seller that he likely wouldn't pass a background check. Arizona law says that private gun merchants are not required to run background checks. However, if the seller "has reason to believe" a customer is barred from buying weapons, they are prohibited from completing a sale, according to The Huffington Post.

On Jan. 31, Bloomberg said that the investigation proves that Federal gun control laws are ineffective at keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defended her state's regulations, and said that she is considering legislation that would further loosen the current policies. According to the Arizona Daily Star, Brewer admitted that she did not see the investigation video but said that the state's laws are "fair and just."

"We're strong people in Arizona," said Brewer, quoted by the media outlet. "We believe in the Constitution, and we certainly support the 2nd Amendment."
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It was way out of Bloombergs jurisdiction to try to pull something like this. He's the mayor of a city in a different state and has no say what so ever about gun laws or regulation in Arizona. He should be indicted for for this illegal activity and violation of states rights.
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What would you be willing to do to defend your family from Drug dealers, Felons, and Rapists?   Just as the borders are exploding they try to whittle at our gun rights!