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2 More Videos From David And Chaim (06/07)

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(Why Are Muslims So Violent?)

(Immigration And Presidential Politics)

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When are they going to do Israel videos?

Great Videos !
I think this is a lot more entertaining and powerful... We're getting to see the faces of the organization and its leaders.
I believe Chaim and David attract more of an audience by coming out into the spotlight.

Both the videos are great. The "Why are Muslims so violent" video in my opinion was extremely good, as it brought accurate information about islam. When Chaim asked people to actually read the koran, that was a brilliant move. When people read that nazi tract, they will understand. Kudos on the part about Pawn Vanity and George Bush, neither of them have a clue about islam. They are doing America and Israel a great injustice, when they speak about a subject they are ignorant of.

Once again, JTF fires me up !  GREAT VIDEOS !    

I also thought that the "Why are Muslims So Violent video was excellent.  It was the best JTF video I've seen in a while, both David and Chaim were on fire!


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