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Russia’s new military doctrine declares USA and NATO key potential enemies

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(What's going on?  What's the game the Russians are playing?)

Russia’s new military doctrine declares USA and NATO key potential enemies

The doctrine of 2006 has a whole new meaning

The Russian government is to consider the draft of the new military doctrine prepared by the Defense Ministry expert group. If the document is approved, Russia will be able to interfere in border conflicts, turn a blind eye on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and fight with potential enemies (the USA and NATO) and international terrorism.

Russia adopted the current military doctrine in 1993. President Putin introduced several amendments to it in April of 2000. The doctrine of 2006 has a whole new meaning. The previous doctrine was a temporal document used during the establishment of democracy in Russia. The new document will be the permanent military doctrine of a democratic state.

The document particularly entitles Russia to “defend its citizens’ rights abroad in case of danger posed to their lives.” There was no such wording in the current doctrine.

Furthermore, Russia will be able to participate in armed conflicts on its borders where “principles of international rights are violated and thus can be classified as aggression against citizens.”

The main thesis of the section titled “Defense Security Guarantee” says that Russia stands against the proliferation of nuclear weapons and its delivery means.”

The new version of Russia’s military doctrine brings a special emphasis on social guarantees for the military men. The question of social support in the Russian army has pushed aside such relevant issues as the development of strategic containment forces, future defense threats, up-to-date re-equipment, the production of new weapons, etc.

As for Russia’s enemies, the authors of the new military doctrine suggest the following list: the USA, NATO and international terrorism.

“The fact that we can see NATO and the USA as Russia's potential enemies is a vestige of the Soviet military doctrine. In my opinion, this is an inadequate way of thinking. Russia definitely needs to stand against any enemy, but we also need to develop our Armed Forces in local conflicts too,” the Director of the Institute of Political Research, Sergei Markov said.

The basic threat of Russia’s national security is still connected with foreign countries’ interference into Russia’s internal affairs. This process can be conducted either directly or through certain political structures to undermine constitutional regimes in post-Soviet countries.

Based on news reports of Russian mass media

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

El Cabong!:
The Soviet Union survived for such a long time while suffering bankruptcy because of its lies to its citizens against the great enemy, The U.S. Now Russia has had a hard time dealing with freedoms and democracy and is looking for a new enemy to rally its people against. It may be the only way Putin can keep control of the government and stay in power.

Actually Putin enjoys great support from the rabble and the billionaire oligarchs
(at least those who are obedient to him) .  It is the small educated middle class
that knows the truth and seeks to either change the system (if they are
patriotic) or flee the sinking ship.  90% of the programmer colleagues are
Russian---there is a real brain drain occurring, as severe as the one that
motivated the former USSR to erect the Berlin wall and prohibit immigration.
Another problem that threatens Russia's future is a shrinking population due
to a birthrate that is beneath replacement level.

By the way, this report about a change in Russia's military doctrine may be
inaccurate. is known to be a sensationalist, yellow rag.  In fact,
the Ministry of Defense issued an official statement in which it denies this
Pravda report:

(This is in Russian, apologies to those who can't read.)

But I'd like to play the devil's advocate for a moment.  When the communist regime fell,
and Russia finally opened to the West, the US, instead of giving Russia all the support it
needed, instead criticized Russia for its "military aggression" against the Muslim Cheches.
By publicly accusing Russia of committing genocide, the US slammed the door on any
further true cooperation.

It was a great mistake.  (One of many American foreign policy blunders...)

Right after the fall of the Soviet regime, the wholeness of the once Soviet bloc dived
into absolute economic and social misery and turmoil, so naturally they didn't have any
patience for those idiotic American and EU genocide claims.

It is true that there was a period that the Soviets were the ones who trained virtually
all Muslim terrorists in the world.  But after the collapse of the regime, Russians turned
their coat (so to speak) against Muslims, at least for a brief period of time, and Putin
came out with bold statements " zamachit' " (soak the Muslims in their own blood),
drown them in the toilet and flush the water, etc.

The U.S. should not have interfered.

davkakach, if you don't mind my asking... where are you from? You read Russian?

I'm from Israel.  My parents immigrated there from the former
Soviet Union in 1974 (thanks to Rabbi Kahane's, Chaim's, and
the JDL's efforts).  I can read Russian (with some difficulty).

Back then, my father could have chosen to immigrate to the
U.S., but he was a Zionist, and he chose to immigrate to Israel.
In this respect I am a "chometz ben Ya'in" (vinegar, the son of
wine), for I currently live in the exile.   :-[


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