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Anyone have any experience with Russian datine agencies?

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Lewinsky Stinks, Dr. Brennan Rocks:
"Ultra Nataschas"?


--- Quote from: Just Say No To Nafraudi on January 11, 2013, 11:04:34 PM ---"Ultra Nataschas"?

--- End quote ---
Natashas is what we call hookers here.

There was an article about it in a magazine years ago.  Maybe it was "New York Magazine...?

Super Mentalita:
Here in Holland we have a lot of men buying women from Thailand. If they don't like the girl after a few weeks they can send her back and they ship over a new one...


--- Quote from: serbian army on July 22, 2011, 08:35:17 PM ---Russian women in general are good and emotional. The best way to meet one is to go directly to Russia. I would not do online dating because God knows for what reasons some of those ladies are willing to meet you. Another way is to go nearest Orthodox Church and meet nice religious Russian girl.

--- End quote ---

People generally think a very big percentage of them are sluts.
So those Russian women who would sell themselves for money and are looking for a husband just for getting papers and money are so "good and emotional" as you say........
I don't think so. They don't call them gold diggers and sluts for nothing.


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