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"Gangsta Rap" Is hurting America's youth.

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"Rapping" about drive bys, raping women, shooting police officers.  Anytime you turn on the radio this kind of garbage is playing on the radio.  Being shown on TV or in the movies.  And the impact it brings to America's youth.  It's no longer in the inner cities it has now gone to suburbia America where young people hear how it is "cool" to do drugs, to kill, to degrade women and bring down standards.  It is not only hitting blacks in this country but now its with whites as well.  White children that came from a great Euro heritage that want to pretend to be black.  Is there something wrong here? Of course there is.  And children are being pumped this sort of garbage every single day.  And they want to pretend to be like Busta Rhymes or other low lives.  They where their pants down to their knees almost.  They put garbage in their hair to braid their hair like blacks, they put ghetto rags on their heads and looking ridiculous.  And a lot of this also falls on the hands of their parents. Why aren't they more involved of what their kids are listening to or watching? Why are kids young as 9 years old using all sorts of foul language cause they heard it in some "rap" crap song if you want to call that singing? I call that mental disorder.  I have no problems with free speech in America it is one of our basics living in a free society.  But when it has gone too far?  I think this should be an alarm specially for young minds that are growing and the fabric of this country's future is in serious trouble if this is all what these youngsters got going for themselves. 

at least u dont get to hear arab rap "music" there.. practically EVERY arab muslim rap band consists of nazis who preach for terrorism. every single one of these band, they all say how good it is to do "istish'had"(commiting suicide while killing others, or dying "hero's" death while serving the arab muslim nazi cause, which, heh, coincidently is killing others who dont believe im "mohammeds holiness"). why do you think there are so much blacks converting to islam and become radical nazis? its the power of the rap music to influence over people's mind. the poor kids, they watch local "alpha male" (who is a gangster, "but hes so cool!") listens to rap on the street, later doing drugs, all of this while their parent let them go play outside without watching them. funny, but "some things would never change" like said by rapper tupac, i dont believe anyone in your over liberal government would do something about it. only the parents have the power to stop the mess.

No way... they have arab rap now??? Are you serious? I believe it!

as serious as the arabs are when it comes to the destruction of Isreael heh. its not something very new though, here about for 6 years

This 'rap' thing spreads to all the minority youth. You have Asian rappers, Arab rappers, Hindu rappers and white rappers. When I went to college I was under the impression that the orientals were somehow intelligent. Wrong. I went to college at the age of 55 and graduated at the age of 57 (AAS) and I was in shock on how stupid were the Indians, Chinese and the Koreans. I already knew that the blacks and the hispanics were beyond any type of brain power. The other immigrant's banded with the darkies in every way you can think of. They are just as stupid, play their Cd's in class, never turn off their phones, hate whites especially Jews, and act like negroid wanna-bees. Hate to say it, but it is true. Have your son or daughter go to a Chinese, hispanic, Korean, Japanese, Hindu store and have your child ask them for a summer job. Remember that under the affirmative action law we are FORCED TO HIRE THEM, but they can discrimate against us. By the law, these people have a cultural exemption.


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