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Idiotic Arab Thinking About The Jerusalem Light Rail
« on: June 20, 2007, 06:08:59 PM »

LRT subway under construction

The first 13.8 km line between Pisgat Ze'ev and Yad Vashem is expected to be fully operational in 2005. Eight lines are planned by 2020. Tunneling allegedly began in March 2001, but recent information does not support this. Information on a planned LRT for the old city can be found here.

Details remain to be ironed out, such as, will local terrorists' suicide belts be considered carry-on? Once the entire system is built, will it be divided into the Old Subway and the New Subway? And, if one gets on a train before sundown Friday night, is it permitted to step off the train before sundown Saturday night?

There are also legitimate concerns about safety. Already, one prospective line through an Arab town has been cancelled due to a rash of bus bombings by people from that area. There is also the question of, if a PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazi state were formed and the subway went through that area, should those living there benefit from the line?

According to the PLO, "By using a the light rail system to integrate Occupied East Jerusalem into West Jerusalem, Israel is furthering its stranglehold over the entire city". It would force those in the Eastern part of the city to suffer the inconvenience of using the light metro, bearing it's intense heat, sticky grime and foul odors, rather than riding in the comfort and convenience of air conditioned buses, some of which prefer not to serve their neighborhoods since they have a tendency to blow up "real good" after going through them. In addition, land was seized from 15 families to put up a parking lot and a station. It is unknown how many camels the families received in this exercise of eminent domain.

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Re: Idiotic Arab Thinking About The Jerusalem Light Rail
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I noticed that page is full of Anti-Semitic stereotypes. I'm a train enthusiast but can't those morons just leave politics out of it? Even Wikipedia doesn't do that. If a Wikipedia article is not about somewhere liberated in 1967, the article is safe from Anti-Israel propaganda. I've contributed to transportation articles in Pre-1967 Israel. But whenever I try to make articles about Judea and Samaria into a neutral point of view rather than Pro-Arab, they accuse me of not being objective and making a Pro-Israel point of view. Wikipedia claims that POV articles are not permitted. I guess when it comes to Israel, they make an exception.

Each tram interior was specifically designed by Jewish mothers with the coming of the Messiah in mind. Note the plastic sheetcovers on the seats.  He shouldn't get himself filthy if he decides to take the tram on the way to bringing peace.

Welcome to Eretz Yisrael (also known as Israil), soon to be the home of two new metros. Israel also sports a large network of modern, electrified commuter rail lines which criss-cross this enormous country (the size of Canada and Russia combined) like a 4 year old with an oversized talis.