Author Topic: Stalking to be made criminal offense.  (Read 1953 times)

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Stalking to be made criminal offense.
« on: March 07, 2012, 07:55:28 PM »
Quoted from news source.

All I gotta say about this is Really? I mean Really Cameron
you think stalkings a criminal offense?
Its taken successive governments twenty years to figure this out!


Stalking is to be made a specific criminal offence, David Cameron has announced, as he promised new protection for the victims of this "abhorrent" crime.

The Prime Minister, who will meet stalking victims at a No 10 reception to mark International Women's Day, said the Government was determined to ensure "justice is done".

He said: "Stalking is an abhorrent crime. It makes life a living hell for the victims - breaking up relationships, forcing the victims to move house, making them feel they are being watched 24 hours of the day. That is why we are explicitly criminalising stalking, to make sure that justice is done, protect the victims and show beyond doubt that stalking is a crime."

The move comes after a parliamentary inquiry called for a new offence in England and Wales to be brought in immediately to stop harassment and intimidation turning to murder.

But MPs and peers from all parties warned that a new law alone would not be enough to protect victims and that "fundamental reform" of the system was needed.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper urged the Government to support a Labour amendment to the Protection of Freedoms Bill - which would create a new offence based on the law in Scotland - in the House of Lords on Monday.

"We need rapid progress and we need a new law which is strong enough; half-hearted measures won't be enough," she said.

Laura Richards, a psychologist who was an adviser to the parliamentary inquiry, welcomed the Government move saying victims were being repeatedly let down by criminal justice agencies in a "scandal that cannot continue".

It follows a year-long campaign by the charity Protection Against Stalking and the probation union Napo.

Harry Fletcher, Napo's assistant general secretary, said: "It is essential that any new legislation ensures that victims are properly protected and perpetrators receive adequate sentences and attend programmes that combat their obsessive behaviour."
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