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Finding a Virgin to Marry!

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In an ideal world I agree with Yacov and C.F. that it would be great and noble to find a "pure" woman to wed.  The question is in this society is this really possible, barring very unusual circumstances, especially as one gets older?  If you do believe it is still possible, where do you suggest one look for such a prize?  It would seem to me about as rare as winning the lottery, though I am sometimes cynical by nature.  I guess if you were raised very religiously from a young age it is more likely.  However, keep in mind, I was brought up in so-called Conservative Judaism (yes I have to admit this unfortunately) and have only become more involved in true Torah Judaism more recently.  Also, do you believe women can be forgiven if you find out they have a rather promiscuous nature.  Some people might view this as a minor character flaw, but I find it rather disgusting and have a hard time putting it out of my mind.  In the past, I have stopped dating women immediately when they gave clues of their past lewd conduct.  Some people thought I was being a prude, but I guess I have a hard time over-looking this.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Hope all are well. 

Yes, Yacov.  I agree, but since I am almost 30 I imagine most of the religious women around my age are probably married already.  How young a women do you think I could marry at my age?

Why don't you have your rabbi set you up with someone?

Sounds like a good idea, Yacov.  I had similar thoughts.

The problem with orthodox (moreso ultra-orthodox) is that alot of their marriages are arranged and they get married young.
The Talmud says that a non-virgin is only worth half of a virgin in terms of the marriage dowry I think. Promiscuous women are a blight on womanhood.


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