Author Topic: Where is the red line? Is there at all?  (Read 1721 times)

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Where is the red line? Is there at all?
« on: May 01, 2012, 03:04:24 PM »

         Sorry that my first address to the forum is  opening new topic! I am an Orthodox Christian, a Serb who is concerned about, not without reason, for the future of Europe, my Serbia, and the entire Judeo-Christian civilization!
         In Stockholm, Sweden, a few years ago, immigrants from Sudan and Somalia burned half the city, asking for increased compensation for not working, that the state pays a rent, the Islamic education plan, and a few more little things. Fires, street violence, dozens of injured police officers, and all they wanted, they got! Pathetic!
        In Macedonia today, Islamic terrorists were arrested, 20 of them for the murder of four teenagers, Orthodox Christians and one adult. Reason-hatred and sow of fear!
         A few weeks ago in Paris were murdered children, children with school bags!Jewish children! Loud children's laughter, have been replaced by screams of horror and pain!Muhammad martyr, is without hesitation emptied changer in the weak bodies of children, probably shouting "Allahu Akbar!" Big God, shooting at little children! It's really merciful! I also generous!
         Reaction of the public? Not all terrorists are Muslims, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance! What a hypocrisy! No hypocrisy of Muslims, but vulgar and cowardly hypocrisy of Christians who do not have the courage to confront these beasts! Immediately come together liberals and NGOs , whose primary task is defense of life and work of Osama bin Laden, the screaming about  tolerance  defending terrorism! Immediately there appears some Pakistani or Turkish expert for Arabic language, claiming that the Koran misinterpreted, bad translation, there is no hatred and calls for murder, Jihad is actually a declaration of love. Muslims worship the Jews and Christians, [censored] about Palestine and Afghanistan, etc. ..
         We Europeans, primarily Christians, we must ask ourselves, what kind of society we leave to our offspring? Mud and filth of retrograde humiliating pseudo religion? Instead of theaters and museums we leave them  the gallows and the beheadings? Sharia justice, primitivism and the pedophilia! Instead of money, means of payment will be sheeps and camels! Wonderful, indeed !
          Should our children to fight our battles? Our battles, not their! Ignoring the problem, they can not solve by themselves! Pushing under the carpet the fact that our entire culture is to decay, the purchase of peace with rotten compromises, we only increase the appetite of  Islamists!
            Irrational EU immigration policy and positive discrimination toward aggressive Islamic factor is nothing other than-sleepwalking! Wandering in its own hopelessness, cowardice and irresponsibility that has no justification! The legislation of most member states, inhibits any initiative that could stop the Islamic invasion!A proven formula is a label "Islamophobia"This formula closes the mouth of all who are trying to change something! To make the paradox stronger, the more privileges they get, and having no respect for the community that pays them these privileges, explicit claim that Muslims are oppressed! Moral as a ethical category, simply does not exist! Laughing in the face of any Christian or Jew
               What next? How realistic is restore and maintain the civilized Europe? A million dollar question, on which I have no rational answer! I have no answer, what is the pathology of some people, such as Dr.Norman Finkelstein or George Galloway!
What is it political power or political option is able to change something! Without violence, of course! Violence and repression is last means, last but not impossible! What should happen, to react? More one 9/11? I hope not!
              Sorry to be detailed in this thread! I also hope that you will forgive me on my bad English!
              Greetings from Belgrade

"Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once"
William Shakespeare  " Julius Caesar" 1599 AD