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A List of Best Conservative News Sites and Blogs

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At tonight's meeting, Dan Ben Noah was asking about the best conservative news sites.  So I figured I'd beat him to making a list on the forum that everyone can contribute to. 

Arutz Sheva

Canada Free Press

CNS News

The Daily Caller

Debbie Schlussel (Right Wing Jewish Blogger)

Drudge Report (Right leaning collection of news articles from across the web)

Frontpage Magazine

Free Republic  (Right leaning news aggregator)

Gateway Pundit

Investor's Business Daily Editorials


Jewish World Review

Look on the left had sidebar of this site under the heading "Insight."  You'll see links to  whole list of right leaning op-ed columnists. 

Julia Gorin/Republican Riot (Another great right wing Jewish blogger and comedienne who is VERY pro-Serb)  -- right leaning aggregator of news stories from across the web


Sultan Knish (Another great right wing Jewish blogger -- Daniel Greenfield)


World Net Daily  - A hillarious site for photos of moonbat lefty protesters

I don't get to read all of these sites every day.  But when I do, they always have good stuff.  Feel free to use this thread to add whatever news sites you like.

I like Carl in Jerusalems IsraelMatzav site:   


¡I needed those!

I think it would be a good idea to put somewhere on the site a list like this.
something like news sites to go to and post comments.


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