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A List of Best Conservative News Sites and Blogs

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--- Quote from: KalmanBenMenachem on June 11, 2013, 09:36:44 AM ---Here's an article that's well worth reading.  If the link does not work, just google "A Warning for America from South Africa."

--- End quote ---

Excellent article, Kalman.  I read it a while back.

Israel Chai:
My favorite conservative blogger (sorry the mad Jewess)

I like Steven Plaut, the only right wing professor in Haifa University. He is not a Kahanist but he has the same views on Arabs as me. His blog isn't always good, you have to search for the good articles.

Non Jewish themed conservative blogs:

Thomas Sowell's blog - he is not Jewish but he is published by Jewish world review and he writes good short essays.

Peter Hitchens:
Peter Hitchens is a right wing British religious Christian, although late in life he discovered that his mother was Jewish. He writes for one of the biggest newspapers in Britain.
Here is one article on Gaza in which he says that Gaza is not a "prison camp".

British writer Theodore Dalrymple's blog. Although he was born Jewish, he is an athiest with conservative views.
 There is an anti muslim  forum that goes with the blog.

Ezra Levant dotcom

Southern Noachide:
What will become of these sites after the upcoming government takeover of the Internet?


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