Author Topic: Obama's Pet Project: Illegal African Immigration Into Israel  (Read 2801 times)

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In a highly disturbing piece of news over at Kr8 Israeli Patriot, the online magazine reports that the Obama administration is providing funds to Israel (via the UN) for every illegal African immigrant that enters the Jewish state.

The funds, quite bizarrely, are only between $1000-2000 per illegal, per month, not enough to cover food let alone rent and food. However, in what is being seen as the likely incentive for carrying out this migratory sabotage of the Jewish state, is the fact that these funds are being split, with a portion of it going to unnamed sources at various stages of the transfer, from its way from the US to Israel.

Read the full article here:

Why isn't Obama giving funds to help many of Israel's Jewish Ethiopian community to settle in?* These were refugees airlifted to Israel in several high profile operations and who still face difficulty getting used to a new way of life. Is this because they're Jewish Mr. Obama? Or is it because they're not Muslims hell-bent on jihad?

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Re: Obama's Pet Project: Illegal African Immigration Into Israel
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 08:11:09 PM »
Unfortunately, the Obamuslim has an accomplice named Pipi Peres-ra-hu aiding him with the African infestation.  I saw the article and the Sudanese defecating on the sidewalk.  I also saw the tents on a boulevard in Tel Aviv where these animal squatters set up tents.  The government's complicity is the worst part.  They throw Jews out of their homes but do nothing against these African Arabs infesting Israel.  Normally even Egypt would keep them out of their countries because they don't want them either but they are helping smuggle them into Israel to destroy the country from within.

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Re: Obama's Pet Project: Illegal African Immigration Into Israel
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What does Obama want to do? Turn Israel into the Planet of the Apes?
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