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The Jewish Political Problem
« on: September 03, 2012, 04:47:08 PM »
Just because Jews have always been mindful of the problems suffered by minority groups, a concept based upon their own past sufferings, does not mean they have to be, as a group, self destructive at the same time. Jews should be liberal, in the classical liberal sense, in that they should believe in political, economic, and personal liberty, free from government control.

That's why it is very difficult for me to understand why so many otherwise intelligent people would have originally supported Obama, and why they still do. Apparently, too many of our people have become intellectually lazy when the subject is political; if those 'yellow dog" Democrats had taken the time to read Obama's first book, they would have understood just what they were supporting.

An Obama second term would be fundamentally destructive to our Republic, and to all persons in this world who respect and participate in Western ideology. 

Returning this 'street hustler' to office would be an act of which there may be no turning back. With his disregard of Constitutional niceties, with his interest in assuming dictatorial powers, as demonstrated by the kind of executive orders he publishes, by his own comments, those of us who believe in a republican world, will have a real fight on our hands.

Those of you who vote for a president based upon one favorite belief, whether it's gun rights, abortion, or a nice personality, had better begin to read, study, and learn just what is going on. Without a strong America, as we have had for these 238 years, not only will America and Israel suffer, but so will every country devoted to Western political principles.