Author Topic: The Kingdom of David, A Royal Constitutional Democracy is the Hope for the World  (Read 2665 times)

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Dear friends,

I am yosef yomtov, a Jew born in Egypt, grew up in San Francisco and have been in Jerusalem for 12 years where I am writing from now. I have come to know and work to establish the hope for Israel and thereby the world and that is the re-establishment of the Kingdom of David. You can google "kingdom of David official site"  to find more information.

A first draft for a constitution has been written, once completed and sealed it will begin the revolution to transform Israel and the world.

Hoping to find legal/Biblical Jewish experts to go over the drafts I have to get it to the next level, I do not wish to post it.

I must also say that I am uncomfortable at the level of hate that I hear on this site, seems many here are no worse then the people they say they are against,  is it not terrible to be hated for being a Jew?  so why do you hate Arabs for being Arab? such ignorance and behavior makes me sick. I hate evil behavior no matter who it comes from especially from Jews! they give us all a bad name.

If you can help and not filled with hate do contact me

here is a table of contents of the Kingdom of David Constitution
Preamble: We Place Our Trust And Hope In G-d   1
Article One: Government Name, Structure and Symbols   1
Article Two: The Leadership   2
Section One: The King   2
Section Two: The Levites   4
Section Three: The Overseer   4
Section Four: Executive Officers   5
Paragraph Thirteen: Abuse of Power   5
Article Three: The Legislature   6
Section One: The Royal House Of Elders   6
Section Two: The House of the People   7
Section Three: Knesset Proceedings   7
Section Four: Authority of the Knesset   9
Article Four: The Judiciary   10
Article Five: Twelve States And A Royal District   12
Section One: Twelve Princes Of Israel   12
Section Two: State Legislature   13
Section Three: State Authority   13
Section Four: State Tax   14
Article Six: Global Governance of the United Kingdom of David   15
Section Six: Global Currency and Monetary Transfer System   15
Article Seven: Israel as a Jewish Homeland   15
Article Eight: Human Rights   16
Article Nine: Policies of The Kingdom of David   17
Section One: Immigration   17
Section Two:  The Military   18
Section Three: Land Inheritance   18
Section Four: Corporations   19
Section Five: Foreign Affairs   19
Section Six: Secret Societies and Public Officials   19
Section Seven: Employment   20
Section Eight: Technology Transfer   20
Section Nine: Health Care   20
Section Ten: Education   20
Section Eleven: Environment, Energy and Transportation   21
Section Twelve: Holy Days, Time, Weights and Measures   21
Section Thirteen: Penal System   21
Section Fourteen: Legal Definition of Marriage   22
Section Fifteen: Orthodox Community   22
Article Ten: Constitutional Convention   22

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Shalom, I came across with your post.  I am very much interested as to what you have put together.  I believe from what I see on your post, you have done a great job.  I would love to review it and give you some feedback and help.  Shalom, Shalom! 

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which asylum did you escape ?