Author Topic: Biden Wants a Palestinian State by Pressuring Israel. Trump Wants It by Tricks.  (Read 201 times)

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According to Trump:
Israel somewhat at fault because they “stick” with the Dems.

Israel should “finish it up” in Gaza ground op “and do it quickly, and get back to the world of peace.”

He would have brought Iran into Abraham Accords.

The average Israeli knows Biden and the Democrats know longer like Israel more than the Fakestinians and so they try to resist. With Trump in power, many are fooled into believing, we can actually get peace by making dangerous concessions to the Muslims and they favor weakening the Israeli army to achieve social and economic goals.
Even if Trump were to somehow stall an Arab attack, a few years after a new Trump Administration is gone, the Democrats will have a comeback and then just imagine how the New Democratic Party is going to treat Israel at that time...

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True that Trump wanted a Fakenstinian state but still I don't think he's going to turn on Israel the way the current Jew-hating Bolshevist regime does.

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  Either way, It does not much matter if the
  result G-d forbid is ‘basically’ the same. The
  chillul HaShem of selling out the Holy Land to
  “Amalek” or any other ‘untrustworthy’ enemies
  of Holiness, decency, and or justice is an unforgivable
  crime. With that said, Biden, especially in this particular
  regard is significantly worse than Trump and the
  obviously ridiculous “Ibrahim accords” in this