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I know the origins as well as the history of the kibbutzim.

I also know the overall anti-religious and Marxist-socialist views which, with some notable exceptions, has guided the kibbutznik in the past.

The above statements being well understood and a given, I hereby affirm and declare the the year I spent living on a kibbutz was the best time of my entire life, and immeasurably contributed to my self-recognition as a Jew living in the Last Days (and yes; my spiritual growth as well).

Rabbi Meir Kahane always reminded us that our ancient Sages stated that "For a Jew to live in the Land Of Israel is EQUAL to the fullfilment of all the Mitzvot."

Furthermore, Rabbi Kahane said that the same Jewish Sages stated that "A Jew should live in the Land Of Israel; even if it is in a place where all of the inhabitants are not Jews."

Speaking only for myself, I have no quarrel with those who choose kibbutz.

If anyone disagrees with allowing kibbutzim to exist, they should ask themselves this question:  "When the American Pioneers went West in covered wagon trains to inhabit the American continent and came under attack by savages, did they not herd their wagon trains into a circular corral, for the purposes of forming a defensive barrier from which to fight outwards and continue living within?

The Mapam men and women I lived among and met were noble and valiant people.  Many were missing eyes, fingers, limbs, etc. from the numerous skirmishes and major wars within which they had fiercely fought.  I never once heard any ridiculous talk about "Peace Process", or other such inanity.  The men would boast of their victory over the Arabs in the last (6-Day War) war, and with macho braggadocio state firmly their intention to crush the Arab Muslim enemies "next time".  Neither was there ever talk about "returning Golan" or "West Bank" or "East Jerusalem" or "Sinai" or any other such treasonous trash.  A national pride in restoring our Land seemed ever present.  The IDF was held in the highest regard.  A car or bus would stop and pick up ANY IDF hitchhikers trying to get home for weekend leave, etc... . There was no fear of women soldiers or girls being raped, and neither was there "intifada" from within.  Of course; I am not claiming that throughout the country there was no dissent, terror attacks, or social  problems, but compared to the Israel of today there was a strong pride and belief in Jewish Nationalism.

Last, but not least; there's certainly nothing wrong with city Jews living on the land among other Jews and learning to raise chickens and cows, grow fruit, string barbed wire, go to sleep at night with your doors unlocked and your windows open, and know by first name everyone in your community.