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Spiraling Leopard:
I subscribed to
For $120 a year you get full acces to their website and all it's lessons. I looked at their free lessons on youtube and thought it was a good deal to learn Hebrew.

If you look at the lessons on their site, you can see they dedicated one whole lesson to rabin, who according to them 'gave his life' for peace. Apart from that the lessons seem to be ok for beginners.

עלה והצלח !

Spiraling Leopard:
I have only just started and it is still hard to read with vowels and learning to read without vowels will be even harder.

I just wished you success, literally "rise and succeed". Learning to read in a new script is not easy, but I think the real challenge as in any language is to learn enough words and the grammar, basically learning to speak is the hard part.

Spiraling Leopard:
What Ive learned so far is:

אובמה כושי מלוכלך


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