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(For Hebrew speakers) Downloading Torah lectures
« on: October 03, 2006, 02:09:43 PM »
One site that I consider okay is

It offers free downloads of audio and video recordings of Torah
lectures by several prominent rabbis.  If I am not mistaken, Chaim
is acquainted with some of the rabbis (in particular HaRav Eliezer
Melamed Sh'lit"a).

The problem is that the yeshiva belongs to the Rav Kook school of
thought, which is infinitely better than the various Hasidic streams
(i.e. Lubavitcher, Satmer, Skvirer, etc.), but still, mirrors the Rav
Kook's appeasing approach to the Erev Rav.  There was a reason
why Rav Kook's son, Rav Tzvi Yehuda ZT"L, was ecstatic every time
Rabbi Kahane HY"D came to visit him.  Though he was old, he would
jump out of joy and shout to his students "Rabbi Kahane is here!" and
rush to meet Rabbi Kahane.  Being a humble and pious Tzadik, Rabbi
Kook realized that Rabbi Kahane possessed what he, Rav Kook, lacked,
and so Rav Kook acknowledged Rabbi Kahane as a true Gadol, above
himself, though Rabbi Kahane would surely disagree, being a humble
and modest Tzadik himself.

What Rav Kook lacked was the attribute of Gevura---the courage and
understanding that the greater Kiddush Hashem is accomplished through
Jewish strength and Jewish victory, partly to which was attributed Rabbi
Kahane's great success in awakening the spark of many secular Jews.
Besides Rav Goren (IDF Chief Rabbi who partook in the conquest of the
Temple Mount in 1967), Rabbi Kahane seems to be the only prominent
rabbi in the last two millennia who was reminding the gentiles that there
was once a very different Jew, a proud and victorious Jew, who had
self-respect and national pride, kingdoms and prophets, and relations with
gentile nations as equal and not as a subordinate and inferior relying upon
their mercy.  The admiration that Rav Kook ZT"L expressed openly, some
other rabbis, including prominent ones, kept private.  The rest, out of
narrow political interests, played games and collaborated with the
establishment, in effect aiding the efforts to ostracize and marginalize
the greatest Jewish leader of our time, and one of the greatest of all

The Rav Kook yeshiva slightly departed from the traditionally passive
approach of, "if we sit and pray harder and study harder, maybe
HaShem will reward all of Israel with the coming of Moschiach."  The
Rav Kook yeshiva firmly believes in the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael and the
importance of settling in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and Gaza.
But when it comes to resisting the evil Erev Rav, they still prefer
appeasement strategies, they still believe that the Erev Rav's black
heart and empty mind can be won peacefully.

I want to hear Torah lectures from people who are not afraid to curse
the Erev Rav enemies of the Jewish people, who are not afraid to get
arrested in protests and demonstrations, who accept without any
qualifications or reservations the yoke of heaven, including the Mitzvot
that are hard or "impractical" to follow.

Ideally, I would have liked to download the Torah shuirs that Rav
Kroizer of the Yeshivat HaRa'ayon HaYehudi delivers, but, alas,
they haven't set up (yet) the required infrastructure for timely
delivery of Torah lectures online.

Maybe some day...
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Re: (For Hebrew speakers) Downloading Torah lectures
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2006, 11:30:30 PM »
Good link.
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