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Serbian Cetnik (šumadinac):
have you seen the interview ???

noam chomsky is a self hating jew,he met hassan with nasrllah few years ago.


--- Quote from: Serbian Cetnik on July 12, 2007, 09:31:35 AM ---have you seen the interview ???

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He supported anti jewish nazi, he need to be executed .

Serbian Cetnik (šumadinac):
Lol i seriously doubt that:P where did you hear that?


--- Quote from: Serbian Cetnik on July 14, 2007, 02:05:38 PM ---Lol i seriously doubt that:P where did you hear that?

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here :
"The Faurisson affair is a term given to an academic controversy in the wake of a book by Robert Faurisson, a Holocaust denier. The scandal largely dealt with the inclusion of an essay by Noam Chomsky, Some Elementary Comments on the Rights of Freedom of Expression, as an introduction to Faurisson's book. Responding to a request for comment in a climate of attacks on Faurisson, Chomsky defended Faurisson's right to express and publish his opinions on the grounds that freedom of speech must be extended to all viewpoints, no matter how unpopular or fallacious. His defense was the target of subsequent accusations by various academics and groups. The accusations claimed that his defense went beyond free speech arguments and included defense of Faurisson's work, as well as seeking to discredit Chomsky by claiming a deeper philosophical and political association between him and Faurisson. In 2006 Faurisson was charged and later convicted and given a three-month probationary sentence and fined F21,000 on the grounds that he denied the Holocaust in an interview given to Iranian television, under the Gaysott Act, which prohibits Holocaust denial in France."

"Petition signed by Chomsky
In the fall of 1979, American scholar Noam Chomsky signed a petition about the affair:

Dr. Robert Faurisson has served as a respected professor of twentieth-century French literature and document criticism for over four years at the University of Lyon-2 in France. Since 1974 he has been conducting extensive historical research into the "Holocaust" question.
Since he began making his findings public, Professor Faurisson has been subject to a vicious campaign of harassment, intimidation, slander and physical violence in a crude attempt to silence him. Fearful officials have even tried to stop him from further research by denying him access to public libraries and archives.
We strongly protest these efforts to deprive Professor Faurisson of his freedom of speech and expression, and we condemn the shameful campaign to silence him.
We strongly support Professor Faurisson's just right of academic freedom and we demand that university and government officials do everything possible to ensure his safety and the free exercise of his legal rights.
The petition was signed by roughly 500 people, Chomsky included.

A number of French intellectuals criticized Chomsky's signing of the petition, describing the extent of Faurisson's Holocaust denial and his ties to neo-Nazi groups [3]. In particular, Pierre Vidal-Naquet criticized the wording of the petition as "scandalous", saying that it implied Faurisson was a serious researcher in search of truth and not a propagandist:

What is scandalous about the petition is that it never raises the question of whether what Faurisson is saying is true or false, that it even presents his conclusions or "findings" as the result of a historical investigation, one, that is, in quest of the truth. To be sure, it may be argued that every man has a right to lies and falsehood, and that individual freedom entails that right, which is accorded, in the French liberal tradition, to the accused for his defence. But the right that the forger demands should not be conceded to him in the name of truth. [4]
Vidal-Naquet has also noted that Faurisson was not barred from access to public libraries or archives, and the only archive to ban him was the private Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine (Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation) in Paris, which Vidal-Naquet sees as entirely consistent with its declared mission ("the fact that the staff of the Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine, challenged in its fundamental activity, that of the memory of the crime, should --after years of forbearance-- refuse to serve Faurisson seems perfectly normal to me."). (ibid), [5]"

he supported Holocaust denier .


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