Author Topic: Netanyahu apologises to Turkish PM for Israeli role in Gaza flotilla raid  (Read 3536 times)

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«  Barack Obama has persuaded Israel to apologise to Turkey for the loss of nine lives on board the Mavi Marmara – the lead ship in an aid flotilla trying to breach the blockade of Gaza – in a deal that paves the way for diplomatic relations to be restored between the two countries.

...... Link to the newswriting »

The question is, am I an idiot who wrote a special song, concerning the Turkeys passengers attack with knives against IDF soldiers or Obama is the blackmailer 'capo' (mafia leader) of something... very big ?

Reuters : Anti Israel Pro Terror on the Mavi marmara (Hiding knife and blood)

So the hiding continues, from Israel's leader this time.

Censored Footage from the Gaza Flotilla - How Violence Breaks Out

Despite the almost deadly metal rods, here is another one (02'.33'') knive, one of the many. 

I am wondering where is the big-big "sorry" to Israely Army,
because Bibi Kakayoyo is being in debt, a giant "sorry" to the IDF soldiers life.
There in not only Gilad Salit.  There is every single Israely soldier.
I am so much "sorry" for Pee-pee Kakayoyo.  What a pee-backslide...

Please be patient with my English language. Need some more practice.