Author Topic: Here We Go: Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools Read  (Read 2783 times)

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I thought it already was happening! A few years ago, I started to work at a big university. And I was very surprised to see a lot of "dumb" young teenagers who were so far behind in education that they had to take a lot of remedial classes. Yet somehow they gained freshman entrance into the university. And it was not to easy getting in, the university only accepted those in the top percentage of their high schools. Yet most of these kids (who were like 95% minority students) were in their first year of college. Many did not make it past the first or second quarter. Once they fail out of remedial, they can no longer register for classes until they pass the remedial class at another college- only then are they able to go back.

It did surprise me and I asked a co-worker how in the world did these kids get in. She said simply, "of course they were in the top percentage of their schools, but it was of top percent of a school that has lower standards, these kids are to top of a school with low standards". Then it all made sense. A kid can get into college if he or she is the top 1% of the student body. But if it's a school of fools who can't spell or do math, what does the 1% mean?