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Wanted to introduce myself to the network
« on: June 27, 2013, 05:03:03 PM »
Hello fellow Yids and non-Jews alike! :-\

First off, My name is Jeff and I hate Barack Hussein Obama like poison.  He is turning this country into a 3rd world nation.  We (anyone that is concerned as well) need to find an alternative.  The Republicans (with exception to someone like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy and I also like Jason Chaffetz) are a bunch of wimps and there is no leadership.  This is the worst I've seen the Republican party in my lifetime.

IRS, Benghazi, 29 Seal Team Six members killed in a 'helicopter crash,' Eric Holder flat our lying to the house about targeting journalists, the 'Prism' program...I mean, how many other scandals does it take for someone to start impeachment hearings???   

On a different note, I am a firm believer in my hero's mantra, Rabbi Meir Kahane.  He told it like it is and was willing to lose his standing in his party and even entrance into the U.S. to state the facts.  Muslims are turning this world into an out of control mess and something needs to be done.  I was/am for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq (btw, notice how stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons are now in Syria?  No one seems the follow up on claims by both Israel and Iraqs previous commander that stockpiles of weapons were loaded into semi trucks and brought into that as it may).  The reason I support those wars is the more Muslim fanatics we kill, the better. 

Rabbi Kahane was right when he said "there are 2 kinds of arabs, a clever one and a dumb one."  Where are the 'moderate' muslims?  If Jews were going into churches and blowing themselves up, I would be protesting the streets!  The answer?  Perhaps there are no 'moderate' muslims. :nuke:

So, what do we do?  We live in a liberal dominated country (the U.S.) with all of the principles of our founding fathers out the window.  We've got liberal SCOTUS judges (gosh...I can't wait until Ginsburg croaks) a liberal Senate and technically a liberal House.  WTF???? 

The people need to take the United States back from these crooks.  I've been a devout Republican, but am now thinking of going independent.  I'm not a huge fan of someone like Rand Paul, so I don't fall into the libertarian category.  They are too weak on defense. 

Start another party?

Anyway, sorry for rambling.  If anyone is interested, my website is  It's conservative politics, pro-Israel and world news as relates to terrorism.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for letting me rant and would love to get some opinions on these topics.



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Re: Wanted to introduce myself to the network
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2013, 03:04:20 PM »
Welcome to the forum!!
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Re: Wanted to introduce myself to the network
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2013, 01:48:40 PM »
Welcome to the forum, Jeff. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

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