Author Topic: The Scariest Thing About the Upcoming Surrender Talks  (Read 2992 times)

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The Scariest Thing About the Upcoming Surrender Talks
« on: July 25, 2013, 01:56:01 AM »
I believe that the upcoming talks between Israel's pathetic leaders and the PLO will be different from the ones before.  In the past the U.S. has pressured Israel into talks that broke down after Israel took subtle actions to sabotage them, such as building on Jewish land, causing the PLO to withdraw.  This time however, it appears to me that Kerry has struck a sick nerve within Israel's leaders.  He has convinced them that he can persuade the Arab World to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  In addition, I have read that Netanyahu is pressing for the PLO's acceptance of the condition that the Jewish population of Yesha will remain in their homes within a sovereign PLO state.

These two facts have lead me to conclude that Netanyahu's real goal, which is shared by both the right and left in Israel, is to conduct an eventual exchange of populations with the PLO state.  The residents of Yesha are to be used as bargaining chips to remove the Arabs from pre-1967 Israel.

The most ardent supporters of surrender have always based their position upon the desire to effect a separation of the Jews from the Arabs.  This is certainly a laudable goal.  The eventual growth in population of the Israeli Arabs to the point of reaching a majority has always been the elephant in the room.  This prospect scares the Jews even more than the consequences of returning to Aushwitz lines.

However, any idiot can foresee that shortly after the surrender, the PLO will either make life unbearable for the Yesha Jews, compelling them to leave, or else expel them outright.  The small detail that these actions are in violation of the treaty will garner as much sympathy from the Quartet and World Opinion in general as Egypt's numerous violations of the Sinai accords over the years have done.

Then Israel will still have all the Arab citizens and borders that are 6 to 9 miles wide.